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Different Ways of Living
   Over my two week stay in London I have mentioned some different ways of living but I did not think that I actually explained them as I should have. I mentioned different parks and how amazing they are! Living in South Dakota I am use to parks in the midd...

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Day Six! May 17, 2014 House of Parliament
   Today we toured the House of Parliament before the Westminster Abbey and finished the day at the Tower of London. The House of Parliament contains the House of Lords and the
House of Commons. The House of Commons is similar to our House of

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Day Six! May 17, 2014 Westminster Abbey
   We began the tour of Westminster Abbey at the royal entrance
(west side).   A royal shield is at this
entrance and contains the unicorn for Scotland and the lion for England. The
royal entrance is the same entrance Katherine Middleton walked through for ...

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Day Five! May 16, 2014
   Today involved going to central London to tour the special operations room (SOR) in a different building belonging to the metropolitan police department, looked at the closed circuit TV's (cctv) system, sat in on a presentation from Sergeant Matt Andrews...

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Day Three! May 14, 2014
   Day three consisted of getting a tour from Joann at the Magistrate Courts! We got to sit in on two different cases, one case involved an assault and getting a continuation of the trial because of evidence that was not obtained yet. The other case involve...

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Day Two! May 13, 2014
   Day two was our first full day here in London! I started my day off with my first experience of an English breakfast, I was not impressed! We got to meet Constable Watson, took a tour of the metropolitan police department and finished the day at the Lond...

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The Process of Preparing for London
   We leave for London in
just over 2 weeks! My excitement has now turned into nervousness. Everything
thing from what suitcase to bring to getting an outlet converter has been
stressing me out. What do I pack in my carry on and what do I pack in my check

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Positve and Negative Viewpoints of Globalization
   Globalization is an ongoing concept that has been
happening for many generations and will continue until the end of time. Of
course, it has both negative and positive viewpoints. In the world we live in,
it is common to see products from one country in a...

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Ethnocentrism and it's Impacts
   For you that don’t know what ethnocentrism is,
according to Wikipedia, it is the tendency to believe that one’s ethnic or
cultural group is centrally important, and that all other groups are measured
in relations to one’s own.   There are
both positive a...

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Stereotypical Americans
   Americans have both good and bad stereotypes, but we
are mostly known for our bad stereotypes. No matter where we go we are normally
picked out immediately as being U.S Americans. We are obnoxious, we like to
talk loud, and make ourselves known. This is ...
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