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Finally someone said it publicly: Explaining foreign grammar in the target language is a waste_of_time thank you Michael Swan, thank you OUP

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likes Bajki Robotów at today

Summer in the city and not a soul

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this is the most viral song in recorded history (at least for me it is) I've just listened to it and now it will keep playing in my head for hours and hours...
oh wanna know what it is? I bet you do
Amazing what a small town can do if everyone pulls together. Watch for my former Screen Savers co-host, Kate Botello in the middle.

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wonders where his vintage pre-moleskine era journal is at his family home and also if can bring it back to life and glory

wakes up to another day of family life

nie ma to jak nie ma prądu... zakupy unplugged in siedlce
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