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Scott Haight
Got Boost ? I have 14.7-23.5 psi in me...
Got Boost ? I have 14.7-23.5 psi in me...

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A specialist of technical aftermarket automotive parts, Speedmaster has played a crucial role in the development of a variety of V8 performance parts and has become a leader in this field. The team has shared all the finest moments in the conquest of Top Fuel and Top Doorslammer championships to SEMA Show product awards. Speedmaster is also one of the rare companies to produce its own products, where majority items are entirely developed and manufactured in its workshops. The ultimate token of precision, Speedmaster is the world's only major parts manufacturer to equip cars from Top Fuel Dragsters to standard V8 replacement parts.

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 ATTN. CAR ENTHUSIASTS !!!  VIP If you or someone you know is looking for a very well built, 400+ whp sport compact car. CHECK THIS OUT!​

KINUGAWA TURBOS!!! A relatively newly discovered turbo company that makes high-quality street-strip turbos for Suburu's and other makes. They are priced between 4850-$1200 depending on the options selected:(can get billet compressors, 3" inlets, GT3075 turbos and more,
Turbocharger 3 inches Cover SUBARU Impreza STI TD06H 60-1 Greddy 3" cover 510 BHP High Thrust
I have this turbo on my 2005 WRX STi, which is also FOR SALE- after I fine-tune it for E85.
Vehicle Engine Specs: Invested well over $20,000 (purchased for $22.5K in August,2009)
-All-New EJ257 engine:
-New OEM Subaru case halves
-New heat treated coated crankshaft
-Fresh hone
-ACL Race bearings
-Arias custom pistons
-Manley H-Tuff rods
-COBB AcessPORT III (this is my favorite upgrade on the car
-Ks Tech MegaMAF 73mm Big MAF SRI Type 'AB' STI
-AEM UEGO o2 and Wide-Band Gauge
-AEM 320-E LPH "GREEN" fuel pump Ethanol and Methanol compatible, also gas.
Also has a KENWOOD 1000watt stereo system and alarm system installed by Car Toys
Scott Stewart Haight Stewart Performance Ltd
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Cell# (720)-891-2831


 Attention Collectors and Mazda Rotary Enthusiasts!!!!
   RARE: 1974 MAZDA REPU -ROTARY PICKUP FOR SALE: I priced it below 50% its value. Like person who appreciates/respects these old rotary trucks.
  Some of the upgrades, add-ons include: 5-speed from a 1985 RX-7 GSL-SE, "Street-Ported" 13B 4-port power-plant, many extras too. Any reasonable offer considered. hint: >$5000.

​EMAIL OR CALL MY CELL: 1-720-891-2831
Scott S Haight
Owner: Stewart Performance Ltd
Boulder, Colorado 80305-6713​

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Preview YouTube video The 800HP Subaru STi

Preview YouTube video 600HP Subaru GETTIN' IT @ Powercruise Houston

Preview YouTube video Nice Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 775 HP !!! Enjoy it
Thanks you for a great 2013 - Lets make it happen in 2014 too !!!  
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 For people looking to actually make some extra cash for once. This is the best system I have found in 6+ years of Online Marketing/Informational Business experience !!!!!!!

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 Great collection of some very high-horsepower street-cars going at it...
Scott Stewart Haight

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GYM 2.1 w/ Rob Dyrdek is quite funny. See entire Ken Block video collection @ STEWART PERFORMANCE LTD and KEN BLOCK VIDEOS here:                                                                                                                                                                                          "click-on" link in upper left corner: Says: "See more from this user"                                                                                                       p.s. - YOU also can do this- check out how by clicking upper right link:                                        "SIGN UP"  .                                                                                           Quote from 6 figure income earning Business/Using Gumshare:                                                                                                              "Gumshare Media Sharing is an extremely easy way to share your YouTube and other Video Collections and Make Some Extra Cash with little or no effort. And, they supply a constantly renewed list of popular videos to use, if you do not have any videos." 2/3/2013 Shared By: Stewart Performance Ltd and Scott Haight

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I sold It On eBay - Store in Denver

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 I have a 2005 WRX STI for sale-NOW: $15,200   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Kelly Blue Book is over $19K.  I am taking $4000 off to give a "free" and very popular set of upgrade options. I can send you direct links to the actual parts. I have 2+ years researching/learning about WRX STi's . Everything is bookmarked and easy to access / email you.
 You have 10-15 turbos to choose from $1200-$1800(most have GARRETT CHRA's-GT30r , etc.)- OR A FULL KIT-$2800 for 400 whp! Fuel System: Injector Dynamics 1000cc or 2000cc upgrade kit: $750-with fuel rail, WALBRO 255 or 400 lph: $100-$200, TGV delete, to fit the 3" intake- $200 if you send them in, and tuning: $450(usually includes 3 MAPS). TOTAL IS:$2450-$3400.
  I believe this is the best deal you will find for a 400+ whp capable All-Wheel-Drive Rocket-Ship. Here is the link for my best ad (Car has $20K invested-includes $11,000 engine, I have all receipts) :                                                                                     
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