As you may have read, today we announced our plans to retire Google Buzz along with some other products. Many people anticipated that we would retire Buzz, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. But as someone closely involved in the creation of Buzz, I wanted to share some personal thoughts.

What did we learn from Buzz? Plenty. We learned privacy is not a feature... it is foundational to the product. And this awareness gave us the resolve to design privacy in from the very beginning, which led to Circles for sharing the right information with the right people, as well as transparency around which parts of your profile can be seen by whom. We also learned how compelling it is to have meaningful conversations with interesting people, which we're happy to see happening all the time in Google+.

But probably the best lesson we learned is about how to introduce a product. We started very slowly with Google+ -- in a limited Field Trial - in order to listen and learn and gather plenty of real-world feedback. Your participation in the process is helping create what Google+ is today.

So why retire Buzz now? Well, we think the time has come for us to focus our energy on projects that will have the most impact to the most users. And creating these great products requires great focus. With the majority of Buzz users now here on Google+, it became obvious that all of our attention should be focused on this community.

And since every end is also a beginning, we will continue the project we began just over three month ago. As we move forward, we are hopefully wiser for our experience, and grateful for all it has taught us -- and me. I am humbled that we are now able to continue learning and growing together with the more than 40 million participants in the Google+ project. Onward!
Official Google Blog: A fall sweep
Official Google Blog: A fall sweep
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