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More Long-eared Owl Chicks
Well, they've done it again. Another year, another second clutch of long-eared owl chicks from our pair Quill and Embry. This time they had two eggs hatch from two laid, another success. They have been named Barney and Betty... um, yep... you read that righ...

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Spring Catch Up
Life at the Wildlife Centre has been pretty hectic so far this year, for many a reason. We seem to be getting busier year by year, all good of course, plus this year we seem to have had a boom in babies being born and unusual rescues in need of our help. St...

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Red Deer Calves
Over the last couple of weeks, our red deer hinds have been giving birth. We currently have 5 calves out there, and one or two more hinds possibly about to give birth. Red deer calves are remarkable, usually on their feet within twenty minutes of being born...

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Little Owl Chicks
Our breeding pair of little owls, Robin and Nancy, have been extremely successful... 5 eggs were laid earlier this year, and all hatched! Nancy did a great job in rearing them, but we took them away at 2 weeks old so that we could rear and imprint them to b...

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Photo of the Month: May 2017
"Running Otter" by Nicola Adzic It was an absolute joy looking through the many photographs that have been shared over the last month... We normally see a lot, but May seemed to be even more popular with the photographers out there. Lots of really amazing p...

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Lucy Leaving
It is time to say goodbye to one of our keepers, Lucy. Lucy has been with us for around 4 years, during which she has been a valuable member of our team, helping with the education and conservation work we do. Lucy has always shown a particular keen interes...

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Wildlife Garden
Those of you who have visited us recently may have noticed a bit of a tidy up as you come in. Just past the main gate, and opposite our picnic area, we had an old area with a few bird feeders hung from the trees... Well, over the last few weeks, we decided ...

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Wildcat Kittens
There has been a few rumblings amongst some of the members who visit us regularly now about our wildcats. They were calling earlier this year, Kendra our female seems to be gaining weight, we decided to shut the male out in to his own enclosure, and then we...

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Badger Cubs
What a hectic few weeks... This year it seems that a lot of things has happened at once, and we are only just about catching up with ourselves. This means a lot of news to share with you all, and hopefully I will be able to bowl a bountiful of blog posts yo...

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Photo of the Month: April 2017
"Ted and Basil" by Dave Burden A lot has happened over the past month... Drogo being a star for the pine marten talk, long-eared owl chicks, Drogo loving his role for the pine marten talk, red squirrel kittens, a new emerging favourite for the pine marten t...
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