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If you are conversant with the foreign exchange market in Nigeria, at least you already know that the Naira is exchanging for as much as 260 for 1 dollar. It  will be so easy to blame the government for poor monetary policies, but look around you, how many ...

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What Top Businesses did consistently in 2015
in 2015 has been one of the most challenging for many companies. The
fluctuating oil prices and terrorism are some factors that shaped business decisions
in 2015. The stakes are high; and companies are racing towards out-performing
each other in te...

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How to create innovation culture in your business
One of the
characteristics of great organisations is the ability to develop a culture of
innovation. This is a culture that puts a system in place to help the business always
develop new-to-the-market products as well as improve on existing products

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What Small Businesses can do in a Trade Exhibition
  The Lagos International Trade Fair is on. New customers
are being acquired just as existing customers are being lost to other
businesses. An international trade exhibition holds alot of benefits for the
economy as well as businesses. As it is now, over 60...

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The Entrepreneurs, their products and the Law
Patent and registered designs are not issues many
entrepreneurs and small businesses like you take serious, and for some, it is a
case of complete ignorance of what the law expects from them, and how they can use
it to protect themselves. Over the past few ...

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Business Lessons from Concorde Supersonic Aircraft
As a young man in 2003 during the last flight of Concorde aircraft from New York to London, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fuss about an aircraft that was retiring and why people were very emotional about it. “If it is retiring, why can’t they build ano...

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3 Considerations Before You Push the Autopilot Button in Business
            The ultimate aim of any
small business owner is to get to a stage where the business becomes self
sustaining or what I refer to it as ‘putting your business on auto pilot .’ That is allowing your business to
run with little or no supervision fro...
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