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Over the course of five months, Sun/Los Angeles News Group journalists Jim Steinberg and Rachel Luna spent days and days in the Mojave Desert town of Hinkley, where they talked to residents, PG&E, scientists, engineers and Erin Brockovich. But they didn't find the hope that Brockovich left with in the 1990s after winning a major settlement with PG&E over the town's toxic groundwater.  No. What they found was a vanishing town, a town growing weary of years of cleanups and lawsuits, and yes, a toxic plume that won't go away. Steinberg and Luna tell that story here in writing and images.

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There is all kinds of wildlife outside of the San Bernardino Sun newsroom - I mean just outside. I recently almost stepped on This little toad, and before that I almost ran over a rabbit. There's also roaming packs of dogs.
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