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She Own's It.....
Personal Style I simply love when I stumble upon people I know that
have a presence in an industry that makes for change. I know this wonderful lady
through my business (Dural Antiques), she is an amazing woman in so many ways
but here today, I see her thro...

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Woman of Style
Another outstanding woman that
I admire for her timeless beauty and her outstanding ability to give back to
the community over and over.  Please
enjoy the many looks and styles of this week’s entrant. Sarah
Murdoch Image: Your Tv A timeless Sarah, you will

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The Twin Thing.....
So I’m a twin and I thought it would be interesting to
look at Celebrity twins.. There were quite a few that I had no idea that they
were a twin… Just a little bit about me and my beautiful twin; ·          We are fraternal twins (2 eggs) ·          I am a ...

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It's My Birthday Month.....
The number this year is 39...
Yep - I'm one year off being 40 and although you shouldn't waste anytime
wishing your years away, it got me thinking???  I wished I'd meet Mr Right in my early
twenties  I wished I started having children before the
age of the ...

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Getting My Craft On
Image: Pinterest I saw this beautiful Heart Blanket on Pinterest the
other night, which got me thinking!!! Maybe I should get my Craft On??? I’ve never crocheted
in my life but my mother is all things knitting and I figured she’d have the
tools to get me st...

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Italy 2007 – My first time to Europe and we meet some fun,
interesting people.. This street performer, was cheeky in every sense of the
word. He asked for a picture and then proceeded to follow me through the Piazza
we were strolling through… Enjoy Life…

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Woman of Style
Every time I see a picture of this wonderful woman, all
I see is gracefulness. She makes me proud to be an Australian. I like that she
was our Governor General of Australia, but more importantly, she seems to be a
wonderful, grounded, wife, mother and grand...

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A Stately Home...
So – I was wasting the day away looking at cottages, when
I stumbled across a site that showcased Stately homes of England. Now – who wouldn’t
want to have a peek inside some grand, very opulent, potentially majestic homes?
I like their use of the word “hom...

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Location, Location, Location………Champagne, sunshine and a
spectacular view. This country has the best relaxing locations on offer. Oh – to
be back there sipping on bubbly.

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Hits me in the heart...
There are some days when you just stop and admire what
you have created. Sometimes I look at little Miss and I am overwhelmed with
emotions. I want to kiss her all over, embrace her so she feels my love and
tuck her in at night knowing she is safe and calm....
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