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‎"We can still see the light of stars extinguished ages ago. So with great people, long dead, whose radiations still reach us" Kahlil Gibran

Back in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian friend, discussing how rubber industry came from Peru and has since moved on. Rubber wealth appears to er, bounce!

No power in the universe can withhold from anyone anything they really deserve. Swami Vivekananda

"Just as boats navigate by a compass, we must follow the divine spark in our hearts if we want to avoid getting lost in life." Ramakrishna

I'll be giving two talks next week, one Bondi Beach on Thur 27, One downtown Melbourne on Fri 28, both 7-9pm.
If you'd like to come to hear me talk in Sydney on Thurs or Melbourne on Friday next week, here's the link for tickets!

News of Melbourne talk soon. Sydney option being investigated. Meanwhile, last night I hailed a taxi. Sir Les Patterson was driving. Scary!

It looks as though, if I do do a talk in Melbourne, it will be in a small city centre venue, probably between 7-9pm, Fri Sept 28. More soon.

Am considering the idea of giving one of my talk evenings in Melbourne one night next week. Would anyone want to come or help organise it?

Uranus Pluto square is about big clash between different cultures and principles, That which must hide vs that which demands to be exposed.

All forecasts this week, prepared over last few days from campervan in Queensland, under glorious big sky. Now back to city life in Victoria!
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