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heres a joke:
a family is getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. the boy is in the living room when he hears his parents arguing "you bitch" "you bastard". the dad goes upstairs and the boy asks his mom whats a bitch and whats a bastard? she says a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentleman. now go outside and play. the boy goes outside and hears his neighbor yell put your penis in my vagina. the boy goes back inside and asks his mom whats a penis and whats a vagina? she says a penis is a hat and a vagina is a coat. go check on your father. the boy goes to check on his father, who is shaving. he cuts himself and says shit! the boy asks whats shit and the dad says its a brand of shaving cream. the boy goes into the kitchen where his mom is carving the turkey and she cuts herself and says fuck! the boy asks whats fuck and she says a technique for carving a turkey. a few minutes later the guests arrive and the boy opens the door and says "hello bitches and bastards. my i take your penises and vaginas? my dad is upstairs whiping shit off his face and my mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey."
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Balling in Christ!
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