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Monte Cook Games
Publishers of Numenera and The Strange role-playing games
Publishers of Numenera and The Strange role-playing games

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Are you curious about all this #EscapeFromShadow and #SoothDeck stuff that we've been posting on Twitter? Here are some answers, vislae.


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+Bundle of Holding has TWO #Numenera pdf bundles on sale right now!
No better deal in the Ninth World :-D

1) The super-popular Numenera Bundle of 2014, revived:
Numenera Corebook, GM screen, & Cypher Collection 1 comprise the starting collection.

If you beat the threshold level, you also get: the Player's Guide, the Ninth World Bestiary, The Devil's Spine, and a whole host of glimmers: The Vortex, Artifacts & Oddities Collection 1, & In Strange Aeons!

2) Ninth World Discovery: An all-new bundle featuring an avalanche of awesome Numenera supplements since then!

This includes:
- Numenera Character Options
- Ninth World Guidebook
- Sir Arthour's Guide (Technology Compendium)
- Maps of the Ninth World 1 & 2! These include labeled AND unlabeled maps from both the Numenera Corebook & regions introduced in the Ninth World Guidebook!

If you beat the threshold level, you get:
- The multiple ENnie award-nominated Torment: Tides of Numenera Explorer's Guide, which ties in nicely with +inXile Entertainment's Torment: Tides of Numenera videogame
- The Into the Ninth World books: Into the Night and Into the Deep, and the glimmer The Nightcraft, which details the vessel that could take your Numenera crew sailing among the stars!
- Weird Discoveries, our book of 10 Instant Adventures perfect for a one-shot or to bring into your campaign play

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Cypher Chronicles—our weekly round-up of the latest MCG news, interesting links, and gaming inspiration!

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Meet Callahan, Schaelee, Fiona, and Riven: four vislae who have escaped from Shadow!

Sean introduces the four characters in Monte's current Invisible Sun playtest, in all their glorious surreality.

What sorts of characters will you play? Where will they live, and what will they seek?

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Note-taking is serious business.

Any long-form roleplaying game benefits from good notes, but in a game as steeped in mystery and hidden truths as Invisible Sun, they're even more important. You'll want to track revelations about plot arcs, your personal character arc, relationships, and setting lore.

+Bruce R Cordell shares the different techniques for note taking used by each player of their Invisible Sun game - lots of methods here that you might want to try out in any of your games!


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The ENnie Awards Voting is Live!
But it closes soon: Friday July 21st at 11pm EDT.

Gods of the Fall received a nomination for its incredible artwork in the category Best Art, Interior

Torment Tides of #Numenera: The Explorer's Guide, the supplement that ties in with the award-winning videogame by +inXile Entertainment, received nominations for its art, setting, and overall awesomeness in the categories:
- Best Art, Cover
- Best Cartography
- Best Setting
- Product of the Year

We're so grateful to be among the excellent products nominated this year, and proud of the many creatives who made these products happen. Many thanks to our fans for loving the works and inspiring us to keep on creating!

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Play games, do good
Bruce is running a game of the Strange at Gen Con for the World Builders charity! Get tickets now:
Since you asked, YES! I'm running one game of @TheStrangeRPG at @Gen_Con for @Worldbuilders_ charity. Come play!

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There's weird, then there's surreal...

In this Design Diary, Monte demystifies surreal gaming in terms of #InvisibleSunRPG's world and characters!

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#InvisibleSunRPG Preorders are open! Every preorder of the game comes with a FREE extra Sooth Deck, the gorgeous tarot-like deck that's integral to a variety of gameplay modes. Arise, and #EscapeFromShadow!

The Black Cube holds a mind-boggling number of rich game components and tools; perhaps it's bigger on the inside?
Animated Photo

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Every Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds print preorder gets the pdf free!

If you've been on the edge of preordering, now is the perfect time to get in on this deal.

Enjoy the ruin you've brought on us all :-D
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