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Lisa “LJ” Cohen
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale

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Welcome to my home on the plus! If you don't want to wade through my longer profile, here's the speed read edition:

* author of 6 SF&F novels
* poet
* potter
* international spy

My novels are available in eBook and print editions in all the usual and some of the unusual places:

Barnes & Noble *iTunes*
Google Play
*Directly from me through my website*

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So my wonderful editor +Karen Conlin is doing her first read through of my latest, #PARALLAX and as she is wont to do, is live-blogging her reactions.

It's wild to see someone's initial reaction to your work, in real time. And it makes what will come later (the hard work of incorporating edits) much less painful.

You can follow along on her twitter feed.

True confessions of personal mistakes. (Because a friend is struggling and beating herself up because of a mistake she made.)

When I was a practicing PT, I studied for and passed my certification exam to be a clinical specialist board certified in orthopedics.

It was a 10 year certification.

I know I earned the certification when my youngest was conceived (Trust me, I know!) and received the official certificate during our annual professional meeting that next year. So I always counted the years of my certification according to his birthday and age. Maybe you can already see where this is going.

To re-certify, you could take the exam again or apply with a portfolio of experience/research/etc.

I started the re-certification process when my son turned 10.

Only to find out that I was a year expired and no longer eligible to re-certify through portfolio. I had earned my initial certification actually 11 years before, not 10. I'd have to actually apply to take the exam again as if for the first time, which meant I no longer could, because you needed a certain number of direct clinical hours in the 5 years prior to be eligible. I was working part time, split between teaching PT and clinical hours.

So because I obviously cannot do simple math, I lost my board certification in physical therapy. (Fortunately, that had nothing to do with my basic license, so I didn't lose my job, but I felt horrible about myself for a long time.)

E.T.A. It was an expensive mistake, since it cost a small fortune to sit for the exam, including needing to travel to the conference to do so.

Wow. Today is the first day since my surgery Monday when I haven't had a nap.

It's 7:30 and I'm exhausted. Totally ready for bed!

Having people poke holes in you is hard.

So I'm doing the final round of edits on Parallax and one of the most interesting things I'm realizing is how much I still struggle with trusting the reader, despite knowing better.

What this means in practice is I'm still spending more time than I want cutting out unneeded repetition and call-backs.

I thought I had rooted all of it out in this last round of edits, but I'm still finding examples of it.

#NeverStopLearning #JustKeepSwimming #LifeOfAWriter

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The view outside the front door.

It's quietly snowing here in Hardwick. I'm here with the dogs for a day until the rest of the family joins me.

It's the first time I've been alone in the house and I'm breathing in the solitude.

Hard to believe this city mouse finds her peace and bliss in the country.

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Opportunity to beta read some awesome shit!
I need you!

I am actively looking for beta readers for my forthcoming occult mystery/urban fantasy, FEAST OF FIVE SHADOWS. You can read an excerpt here:

Beta reading is easy, even if you've never done it:

>Just read the book as you would any other
>Tell me what worked for you and what didn't
>Be reasonable but critical -- this is my chance to get it right!
>Don't worry about punctuation and grammar

That kind of stuff is for my editor, who gets it after you. If you're interested, contact me through my website:

It's that easy.

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If you like stories with singular characters, high octane action, and big emotional stakes along with a little weirdness, you should totally read these! 
And that reminds me, I should probably share my own!

Especially since an announcement just went out.

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Hey, folks! I've been quiet on the plus of late, partly because I'd been dealing with a misbehaving gallbladder. 3 days post surgery, and I'm feeling remarkably fine.

In honor of my recovery, I'd like to offer folks who sign up for my mailing list today either a free ebook or audiobook from my published works.

It's a low volume list and you can unsubscribe at any time (though if you do, you'll miss occasional short stories, publication news, and reading recommendations, offered 6-12 times/year.)

You can sign up here:

Once I get confirmation of your signup, I'll contact you for your free gift!

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AARGH! My incision sites are so itchy!!

And totally unrelated, a package of peeps starting their journey to be stale enough to eat.
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