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Eureka gets one extra ep to wrap up story lines. Syfy still blows.
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Yeah, I'd rather they put the network out of its misery.

Unfortunately, as I started watching the new episodes on Hulu, I realized how predictable the Eureka episode is. Part of that comes from gorging on the show last fall through Netflix (most of which were streamed episodes).

Caprica was a real disappointment. Laurel even got hooked (without having seen BSG), but then the episodes and writing became tediously slow and boring. The first 4-5 episodes were pretty good.

Did you watch Warehouse 13?
Yes, E's story lines are way predictable but something keeps me coming back. I want to say a warmness but I'm not sure that's entirely descriptive.

I thought Caprica came out blazing!!! But then they revamped midseason and showrunner Jane Espenson (from BtVS and BSG) left to pursue other projects and the series just lost focus.

I'm still giving W13 a chance but I'm sure syfy will bone me on that one soon too.
Much of "SyFy" has sucked when they changed their name and started show pro wrestling. The new Alphas series has me intrigued. It does not have the filmed-in-Canada low budget feel. Wonder how long it will last and how long they will continue with filming real outdoor shots.
Its strange. I really want to support channels that put out good science fiction shows. I want to support those shows. but when the channel acts all shady like this, (6 new episodes announced just in time for comicon, then cancel a day or 2 after) it halts any and all support i want to give the network. That said, does anyone honestly think there will be a channel dedicated to smart sci-fi shows if SyFy is taken off the air for poor ratings?
Given what HBO is doing with Game of Thrones, maybe they'll dip a toe into scifi. Fox has Fringe but they seem usually good for just 1-2 scifi series. And they launching Terra Nova next month.

How's the new Torchwood? The premise sounded great,but I hesitated to watch it because I hadn't seen any of the previous seasons.
While I'm slamming distribution mediums... what's with Netflix not carrying the new Torchwood?

Gary, pick up on season 1 & 2 of Torchwood with Netflix, I think the old stuff is still available there on DVDs. One of the first write ups I saw called it "Dr Who on Viagra." If you like X-Files and Fringe, I think you'll like Torchwood.

Steve, I agree. I'd be a lot more hopeful if SyFy would actually provide some Sci-Fi. I'm hoping Gary is on to something with having the cable networks pick up mini's or short series. I was very stoked to hear that Torchwood was going to live on that way. Until Netflix decided not to carry it--dash it all.

Audra, yeah! what she said.We're looking at you Battlestar Galactica! And Stargate Atlantis!
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