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Sharon Horswill
Bean counter who plays with photos
Bean counter who plays with photos

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It's British. We licked it and now it's ours.
My name is Sharon and I love the Britannia before I've even been on it. There, I outed myself. This is not the fashionable view. The fashionable whinge, er view, is as follows: 1) It was made in Italy 2) The company that owns P & O is American 3) We hate cr...

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I'm a year and a cruise behind!
A cruise behind - is that something you get from eating 24 hours a day? There were no posts on here in 2014. Obviously the Ventura - see Cruise From Hell - was a big shock to the system. There was a cruise in 2014 on the Adonia but I was very ill when we go...

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Marketers 1: Gullible People 0
Black Friday. It's American. And it isn't even named for retailers being in the black. Read this article and you'll see history has been rewritten. Here it is in 2014 foisted upon us in the UK. You might get some bargains. I've got good deals on software on...

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Justice v. Revenge
Or, as Judge Masipa put it in her sentencing of Oscar Pistorius, “Society cannot always get what they want. Courts do not exist for a
popularity contest but only to dispense justice … The general public may
not even know the difference between punishment ...

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Plain or Simple?
There's something to be said for simple pages. On the other hand I like to throw stuff at the page! Let's do both then... The colours in these photos were a tad retro since it was getting dark so I used the Becky Higgins' Digital Project Life Azure kit and ...

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Does My .... Look Big In This?
Yes it does! Although that could be because my head is missing since the template division slices right through it. Why do scrappers think this kind of thing is OK? People cut in half, limbs sliced off, Vincent Van Gogh impressions ... my friends and I call...

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Say it here and it comes out there ...
Do you ever find yourself yelling at the TV for someone to do or say something (usually in my case it's "For goodness' sake, object!" at a defence attorney), then they do it and you claim full credit? That's what happened to me and my friend Ruth Magness la...

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Those days when nothing happens
I like the idea of documenting our daily lives even though I don't do that PL thing as such. Week numbers?? You won't get anyone who has ever owned a timeshare wanting those on a page! Some days nothing happens. As in this day when it took two attempts just...

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DIY LEGO shoes.

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