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#Excerpt from "The Grower's Gift" (Progeny of Time #1) by @Vanna_Smythe #YA #Dystopian
Maya huddled into a nook in the
fork of an old oak tree that must have seen hundreds of years of spring
and summer, winter and fall. The bark now peeled off the majestic trunk
behind her and she felt no life inside it. The tree didn’t have many
more yea...

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KS Ferguson on #Fantasy, Book Categories & Writing - #GoodReads #AmWriting
Do you read fantasy? Which kind? Back when I started reading
fantasy—just before the invention of the printing press—fantasy was all
wizards with staffs and cloaks, kids with magical objects that allowed
them to fly to the moon, or crazy professors makin...

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Georgia LeCarre on Self-Publishing and Angels in Disguise #AmWriting #Erotica #BookMarketing
That I should have started marketing the book many months before the book was released.  Wow! This one hurt. That high quality book jackets can be bought for as little as $30.00! That people selling reviews will contact you as soon as your book goes live! T...

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ACROSS WORLDS #Excerpt : COLLISION by S. A. Snow @BooksbySnow #AmReading #Erotica
stumbled into the Pentagon with her two duffle bags crisscrossed over
her chest and shoulders, the weight bogging her down more than it should
have. She pinched the bridge of her nose between two fingers in a
feeble attempt to fend off a pounding h...

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Book @Quotes - Happy Birthday, William Faulkner
Post by HuffPost Books .

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RJ Blain on Understanding the Role of Editing & More @rj_blain #Fantasy #AmWriting #PubTip
a novel is a huge task, and it is kind of scary when you’ve never
written one before. Is it really possible to write 50,000 words? 75,000
words? 100,000 words? Doubt and uncertainty plague fledgling writers,
especially those who have never tried...

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#Writing as Enchantment with Kirsten Mortensen @KirstenWriter #AmWriting #AmReading
Writing as Enchantment By Kirsten Mortensen Ask a writer, today, how he or she fits in to the broader world of culture and literature, and many of us would answer that we’re in the entertainment business. That’s a good thing. Story-telling is as old as spee...

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THE HOUSE #Excerpt by Sebastiana Randone @sebasti29567440 #Romance #HistFic
architecture resembled a fairy tale model. That in this case
lamentably, was more like something found in a horror story. Grim and
inhospitable, the imposing structure, defended by an overgrown garden,
spoke of long neglect. Situated
amongst strang...

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@GaryTroia's Thoughts on Fear & Writing #AmWriting #WriteTip #Fiction
I was a child in primary school I have always had a yearning to create
stories from nothing. I left school without qualifications, but with
some encouragement from certain teachers concerning a few stories I had
written. Now I was out in the big w...

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@JoshVanBrakle Shares 10 Tips Writing Better #AmWriting #AmReading #Fantasy
is a craft, one you can hone with time and effort. There are lots of
suggestions out there for how to improve your writing. As a published
author, here are ten I try to remember: 1. Read aloud When
you edit (you do edit, right?), read aloud. It ...
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