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Dr. Debra Dupree
Projecting Powerful Presence for Profitability
Projecting Powerful Presence for Profitability

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Seeking some answers to your dilemma's? Want to work through the FEAR that immobilizes you from achieving the dreams, the wealth, and influence you crave? Schedule a complimentary session and unlock your potential!

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Published on Mar 3, 2017
What strategies can we put in place to overcome fear, and actually gain greater self-awareness in the process? In this clip you’ll learn how fear gets in the way of your cognitive ability, and how being in the moment and being more reflective can shift the direction of your thoughts.
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Dr. Debra also shared on;
-The body language identifiers that tell you about a DISC profile
-Why raising your EQ increases your success
-How mantras help shift your brainwaves
-How to be powerfully persuasive and influential
-The connection between listening and silence
Learn how to sell the right way in this value packed episode. From -combating fear to being a better listener, it will make an impact!
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Is your workplace psychologically safe? Or, do you deal with bad behavior like this? If you do, there are things that YOU can do!

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Capturing the highlights of 2016!

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This past week, Dr. Debra Dupree from Relationships at Work, was my guest on Critical Mass Radio Show. Dr. Dupree is taking strides when it comes to helping people recover from drama and trauma from their past and helps them re¬direct to discover positive karma. She uses her personal experience to help shape and mold people into becoming a new person that’s ready for success and stronger performances.

Here are three takeaways from my time with Dr. Debra Dupree on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1.Emotions are hard¬-wired. Most, if not all, of us have experienced trauma in some form throughout our lives. While we usually think of trauma as post-¬traumatic stress that can occur from major traumas or disasters, there are also less extreme traumas that can still cause a significant impact in a person’s life, such as the loss of a job, a failing marriage, the lost of a loved one, or even something like not succeeding in personal and professional goals. These events result in a misdirected firing of our neurons in the brain that actually can help contribute to how we feel and act in a given situation.

2. Present yourself in a positive way. The primary way to avoid a bad “bossing” reputation in your given leadership position is to take a look at how you are preventing yourself. This includes physical presentation, body language, as well as vocal tones. These small changes can allow you to reach new levels in your ability to lead and present in a powerful, persuasive, and influential way.

3. Emotional intelligence matters. Believe it or not, intellect, or IQ, is only about 30% of who we are. The majority of who we are is a result of our emotional intelligence, which is rooted in developing self-¬awareness, knowing your triggers and your physiological and emotional responses to them. The four core emotions are fear, anger, shame and happiness. Three out of four of these core emotions have a negative basis. Because so much of our emotional experience is negative by nature, it is essential to learn how to monitor and self¬-manage these feelings, and figure out what sources typically trigger negative emotional responses. It is also essential to develop an awareness of others and be aware of how your approach to interactions impacts the people you are working with.

Two other primary elements of emotional intelligence include the ability to manage relationships and develop the people around you.

To learn more about Dr. Debra Dupree and her work with Relationships and Work, visit

Listen to our full interview with Dr. Dupree below:

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Is your work environment psychologically safe? I am excited to partner with Agile Coach Alicia McLain to bring this exciting program to the Agile Community...and more!

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While scenes like this are extreme, they remind us that when the stakes are high, it's easy for tempers to flair and behaviors to shift. In a scenario like this, good ideas and interaction are immediately shut down.

Impeding behaviors can happen in your work place & on your Agile teams. The behaviors, comments and body language can be so subtle - but the outcomes are the same - they shut out, and shut down innovation, they stifle creativity and they COST YOU!
WARNING!: Impediments like this are larger than they appear. How do we ignite innovation, pull the best ideas from our team and coach them toward higher performance?

In Google's recent study of factors that contribute to building high performing teams, they found, much to their surprise that: "the secret to a high-performing team lies less in the individuals that make it up and more in the wider team dynamics". And the number ONE factor in building those high performing teams was a climate of Psychological Safety.

What is it?
Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking. In psychologically safe teams, team members feel accepted and respected (Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School)

How do I get there?
Join this informative and interactive workshop: Building Psychological Safety for Agile Teams
• February 8 & 9, 2017
• Marina Village, San Diego
• Early Bird Registration $599.00/person USD (limited spots left) |Registration $899.00/person USD
• Team discounts available, (3 or more attendees)
• Click here for details:

Follow our blog posts on this topic where I explore ways to use familiar tools and practices to support developing a psychologically safe Agile team environment:
• Building Psychological Safety with Agile Teams:
• Building Psychological Safety using Planning Poker:
• 5 Stages of Group Development:

If you have questions or would like to explore sponsorship opportunities, contact me (details below).
Alicia R. McLain, MA, PMP, CSP, ICP
Lean Agile Transformation | Executive Coach
ph: 619-972-0453 | fx: 619-785-3370 | Skype: Alicia.McLain3| L: aliciarmclain| T: @AgileLeaderSD|

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3 Tips on how to get out of your rut and unstuck. The Wealthy Wednesday Show is designed for Creative Women Entrepreneurs who choose to triumph in their business to have more money, more freedom and more joy while making an impact on the world. This show is hosted by the top influencer, community builder, sought after transformationalist, and Abundance Breakthrough Coach Luci McMonagle. Listen and learn what you can do to get unstuck!
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