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Here's a really good article on rpm packaging with Jenkins. This is great for larger teams of package maintainers in an IT department.

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A brilliant representation of why open source is not just a buzz word!
What is #opensource hardware? Here's a great video primer from our Open Hardware YouTube playlist.

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For someone who uses the oVirt/RHEV API almost exclusively, I understand just how valuable a bit of background knowledge can be.

If you're new to oVirt or RHEV and are looking for ways to automate or integrate with scripting, I definitely recommend watching this video. 
For anyone interested in scripting with oVirt...

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Get it whilst its hot folks.

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New community folks. Get in on the action! 
Let's all get this Community started with a bang...

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This is by far the best tutorial I have seen on Nagios XI. Thanks for sharing +SysAdmGirl
Monitor your servers and services today with Nagios XI! :)

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Fresh from the Red Hat Summit, an introduction to Red Hat's OpenStack platform.
Definitely worth the watch. Thanks to +Rhys Oxenham 

Hi folks

I'm trying to set a USB wireless headset as the default audio device in Fedora 20. In a manner which when the USB dongle is ejected, it returns to the previously selected default AND when reinserting, it then automatically switches back to the wireless headset.

I am using a Logitech G930 wireless headset and this has worked in Fedora 17, 18 and 19 simply by using Gnome control center.

For some reason F20 doesn't want to honour the behaviour like previous releases when it comes to default devices.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation/solution?

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For those using OpenStack, who are looking for a Windows 2012R2 Evaluation image, check this out.

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For those managing PostgreSQL backups, check this out... If you're like me and run heavily on Red Hat Satellite, here is a perfect use case.
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