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Cold Weather & Hot Drinks
So it's getting to that time of the year again, where the sunscreen goes back in the cupboard and the winter coats start selling out. Personally, I love this type of year; you get to put multiple packs of fairy lights up in the house or even outside without...

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Dear Diary
Dear Diary, I've been feeling bad again. I don't know whats bringing it on, I guess I just feel homesick.. Being away from home after living there for 20 years is weird, I know Im only 30 minutes away but I'm all alone, ya know? Even if I have 4 other flatm...

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Hi.. I know its been such a long time since my last post, and I'm sure I could write a few paragraphs explaining whats happened but I'm just going to say, a lot has changed. Remember a while back I was complaining about my university, my lecturer and my cou...

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Being Healthy !!
So during my long break from my blog, I've been trying to become more healthier, which is including eating more healthy foods & exercising regularly. Now I've been trying to do this since the start of the year- I even bought a bike, which I have used btw. H...

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New Beginnings: Update!
Hello guys, Now I know I haven't uploaded lately, but as you know I'm very busy with university, life changes, family & friends, and work. I just thought I'd give you guys an update on my life, including what I decided to do about university, my hair experi...

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Change of plans.
As you guys know, I'm currently studying Graphic Design at University; you also know that it's making me miserable. So after a lot of thinking, discussing and research I've decided to leave the course. I decided to leave purely because it's not what I thoug...

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Valentines Day for one please.
So as many of you are aware, valentines day is coming up in a few days, and like many of you, I am too, dreading it. But if there's something I've learnt over the past few years is that you do not need somebody to celebrate love. Love comes in so many diffe...

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Hair Experiment !
Ok so over the past few weeks I've been doing an experiment with my hair. I decided to leave my hair down; now a lot of people will think 'what the fuck?', but I put my hair up constantly, every single day for the past few years. During that time I've gotte...

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Christmas Countdown!
Ok so to help me post regularly, I made a list on my phone which comes up when I should post, along with what to post; over the past few days, it hasn't worked. I wanted to start a christmas countdown on the 1st of December but since I've been busy working ...
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