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Doll Photography Tips
Ciao lovelies! Today I thought I'd share some doll photography tips with you all! I am still considered an amateur in this, but I've picked up some tips from learning doll photography! Tip #1- Nature backgrounds are great! If you want to take a doll photo f...

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Pass or Fail? DIY Lipstick
Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm attempting to make DIY lipstick- will I pass or fail? For this I used 3 different ingredient sets: For #3 (shown later) I used Candle wax, lemon extract, cherry chapstick, and old lipstick. For #2 I used candle wax, two old lipstic...

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DIY Flower Dangle Clip!
Ciao lovelies! Today let's do an advanced craft together and make a DIY dangle flower clip! This clip is very elegant and could be used for a fancy dress up day! To make this, you need: -A fake flower -Felt scraps -An alligator clip -Hot Glue gun and glue -...

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DIY Choker!
Ciao lovelies! Today, let's make a somewhat advanced DIY Choker using an old necklace! For this you will need: -Jump rings (you can buy these in bulk online!) -Needle nose pliers -Ribbon clamps -Ribbon -An old necklace -Hot glue The method is simple enough....

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DIY Midsummer Tiara
Ciao lovelies! Today, I thought we could make a cool tiara inspired by Midsummer! For this project, you'll need: -Florists wire (you can get it at Dollar Tree) -Wire cutters/pliers  -Hot glue -Felt scraps -Your desired decor (I'm using a shell, and some old...

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Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Hand and Body Lotion Review!
Ciao lovelies! Today is a product review, we are reviewing Shea Moisture's hand and body lotion for sensitive skin. I received this product from Pinch Me! , a subscription box style thing where you can get a box of free samples each month, entirely for free...

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DIY Shell Crafts!
Ciao lovelies! Today let's make some awesome DIY crafts! All you need is some shells, string, felt, hot glue, and tea light candles! First let's make a shell necklace! Here are the steps: Find a shell with a hole in the back! By the way.... Anyway, use that...

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What's in my bag?

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Happy Summer Solstice!
 Ciao lovelies! Today, I’m going to give you some ideas on
how to celebrate the summer solstice! Today, June 21 st is the summer solstice, aka the
first official day of summer!  On June 21 st , we have the most hours of daylight
that we will have all year! ...

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DIY Unicorn Notebook!
Ciao lovelies! Today, let's make a cool DIY unicorn notebook! For this notebook you need foam, an old notebook, and hot glue. Here are the steps; This notebook is cute and simple to make! And it is very fun to use! You can use this notebook to write dreams ...
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