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Science Seeker; Total Techie
Science Seeker; Total Techie

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Bizarre societal norms I've been thinking about today...
If an adult purchases or consumes certain chemical compounds, in the privacy of their own home, they get caged for a portion of their lifespan. #EndTheWarOnDrugs If a person assists another person in peacefully ending bodily functions, at their behest, they...

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Why the Southern States wanted to secede from the Union.
There's this defense of the confederate flag out there that says, "the flag isn't about racism and the southern states didn't want to leave the union primarily over the issue of slavery, but rather the rights of the states to decide their own laws". I think...

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Looking further at the intersection of faith and science
It's interesting to see an interactive graph of the religions who do and do not state openly if evolution or the big bang is in conflict with their religion. Here's the graph:

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I don't know how Christians are able to reconcile evolution with God...
I didn't very spend much longer as a Christian after I accepted evolution. I couldn't reconcile a benevolent god using possibly one of the cruelest methods imaginable to "mold" the thinking, feeling, life forms we see today. It relies on suffering to progre...

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The Top Six Facebook Pages That Replace Science With Woo
On Facebook, I frequently see shared posts that look interesting at first sight, but after a little reading, are nothing but woo. What is "woo"? Woo-woo (or just plain woo ) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that...

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A Small God.
When Carl Sagan​ spoke of people wanting their god small, I think many people misunderstood what he meant. The god people often describe is infinite, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, etc. This is a big definition for sure, but God's definition and biblical actio...

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Morningside Park

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Why I changed my position on abortion
I'm going to lay out what convinced me to change my view on the legality of abortion this past year or two, both for my own clarity and the interest of others. First, I'll do what most abortion rights advocates don't do: concede that the fetus and the mothe...

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U.S. Torture Report.
Reports like this remind me that I pledge allegiance to humanity first, and the country second. As Germany sought to commit crimes against decency and humanity, those that pledged allegiance to the Motherland, carried out those acts or looked the other way....
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