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Ok, You had to watch the process of cooking this veggie lunch. I was alone home with my 4-year-old and 1.9 year-old boys. First I offered the elder one to help, he preferred to 'play' with his brother. but Play is not the right word, minute after minute they kept fighting, so I kept running to and pro kitchen. but anyways, For this sauteed vegetables with soy sayce, I tried to use ingredients that remind me of spring in Georgia: new potatoes (that's how we call them here, I don't know if that's the right word though) are one of them, I cut them into squares with their skin on, I put sliced carrots in another bowl, some onions, cauliflower florets, green peas (they were too young, so I left the outer part mostly on them), new garlic (all fresh and tender). I added soy sauce almost at the end and then I seasoned the whole thing with very Georgian spices (dried fenugreek powder and dried coriander powder, also some pink peper and salt of course). as for fenugreek and coriander - those two are classical mixture for creating the basis flavor of Georgian walnut sauce (Bazhe), they are often used while frying cauliflowers too. So cauliflowers gave me that inspiration to season this veggie dish in a Georgian way. As for kids - had no luck with them :( But by evening the whole thing was gone - me and my husband thought it was quite tasty, light and good for  our health meal. 
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Hello everyone, I am Tamar, from Tbilisi, Georgia. This is my first coursera course and I am just so excited I signed up. I have two kids, two boys, Andria, almost 5 and Toma, who is about 2. (Andria is Georgian version for Andrew and Toma would be Thomas, I guess :). Both of them are just terrible eaters, however I still have this great desire to become their favorite cook soon (hopefully, soon)! I cook and I love cooking generally (I am also a big recipe-collector and a keen culinary-researcher), but when I gain credits from my kids, that's when I will gain peace of mind as a cook :) So cheers to everyone, and I'll be around.
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