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One of the oft-repeated observations I hear is "there are three Hangout Extensions that are really useful: +Hangout Lower Third, +Hangout Comment Tracker and Pro Studio... if only they could be run at the same time I wouldn't have to choose!" First off: I love being included in such good company! I also use both the other mentioned tools... I can relate :). With that in mind, I asked +Gerwin Sturm if he would mind if I were to include a link to his stand-alone version of the Comment Tracker and he agreed! Here's the formal announcement:

► Added a link to the stand-alone Comment Tracker in the Status section. Click to open in a new window and monitor those comment feeds! His features that I find really useful: Hide removes a comment from search results and Pin moves the comment to the top of the list (under previously "pinned" comments)... this allows you to prioritize and organize the questions and comments you want to address in your Hangout and remove the "noise" that you want to ignore.
► Still tidying up code for improvements to come...

Don't forget to circle +Gerwin Sturm and thank him for the excellent tool. He's one of the developers who's provided sample apps and helped to guide others in Hangout App Development from the start.

Hope you find this useful!

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One more thought- I'd like to see a built in teleprompter. As I am sure you know the newscasters use it. You should be able to paste text in there and then vary the speed of the scrolling.
Great thought, +Frank Girard.

The "Message" tool used to be called "Scripts" (as in "bumper scripts") and was intended to provide a tool to feed a participant their lines right under the camera. This is, unfortunately, the closest I can get in the extension layout, as that message area is the only thing I can touch that's outside the left 300 pixels of the Hangout interface and I have no formatting control at all in that space.

If (when) I make an application version of Pro Studio, you may find a more teleprompter-like tool.
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