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I realize I just posted an update, but this is a special case and it needs to stand alone. I want to follow this change closely to make sure that this is what the Hosts/Producers (H/P) want.

► The "Mute" tool now locks the mute state on... the participant can't unmute themselves by clicking the red "Off" (unmute microphone) button. An H/P has to Unmute them using the +Pro Studio "Unmute" tool.

You tell me if this needs to be rolled back. It makes it necessary for an H/P to Unmute if the participant was muted using Pro Studio, which could be considered to be yet another thing that the H/P has to do, or it could be considered a safety net guarding the noise level of the production.

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Can the H/P completely unmute them without the participant in turn unmuting themselves after the H/P has in effect unlocked them? 
From the sound of it, the H/P has total control of that, and the guest only needs to be patient and let it happen.
+Tom Rolfson As it stands right now, yes they can. I'm considering only allowing the H/P to Unmute when it was a H/P who muted the participant in the first place (not when the participant muted themselves or someone muted them outside of Pro Studio)... the reason I don't block that currently is that there are many instances where a participant simply does not know how to unmute themselves and it's preferable to not interrupt the flow of the Hangout to walk them through it.

What do you think? Would you prefer to only be able to use Pro Studio's Unmute if Pro Studio muted in the first place?
Is it possible to implement an assist mode where if the H/P hasn't muted the person, they can still assist that person in unmuting themselves, but then still be able to override that if they need to mute said person at a later time? That way the flow of discussion isn't interrupted, and the person having trouble is still aided silently. I suppose this should come with a disclaimer similar to what PS already has, in that it can override any manual settings as needed while in the hangout.

I think the benefit of being able to keep the flow going outweighs the potential disruption of a walkthrough. Unless that walkthrough is done by a Producer, and not the hangout Host via messaging. The double edged sword comes into play if there's no producer, and only the host managing all the settings and usage of PS.

My two cents :)
That's essentially how it is now, +Brian Turner. As a H/P I can Mute or Unmute any participant who is also using Pro Studio regardless of how they were previously muted/unmuted. Currently, the only enforced limitation in changing to either state is that the participant cannot Unmute themselves if they were Muted by a H/P.

The other side of this, for me, is that a participant may Mute themselves to keep a conversation private from the Hangout and a H/P may Unmute them during that conversation, which I consider to be a bad thing. I began walking down this road thinking that, if they muted themselves, then they'll know how to unmute as well, but Pro Studio is not the only other way that people can be muted.
Oops, sorry for the slow response here. I can see what you mean about the muting thing. I suppose perhaps an alert that the person has 'self-muted' for the producers would work toward preventing any uncomfortable moments. Maybe in the form of a small red light next to their name in the H/P list?
That's not a bad idea, +Brian Turner... I'll see what I can do. I can imagine logic-gymnastics to get it there, but we'll see :).
I look forward to seeing how it goes. I suspect that you'll be able to do it. Also, after giving it some additional thought, might I suggest three modes: Green for all is good, and they're unmuted, yellow to suggest that you leave them be, as they're self-muted, and red indicating that an H/P has muted them. Seems logical (to me), and covers all the bases. :)
I think we're getting to a point where some iconography might pay off.
Good point, and it may end up simplifying the interface a bit as well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words ;)
It'd do wonders for that ugly "Tools" section (yeah... I said it! It's ugly!) to use some images instead of words.
That'd help. Also, it would give you more room to add new items as needed ;)

Icons - when properly used - can be wonderful things ;)
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