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Palos Verdes homes resource - palos verdes home values, palos verdes homes for sale, palos verdes house prices, palos verdes real estate trends
Palos Verdes homes resource - palos verdes home values, palos verdes homes for sale, palos verdes house prices, palos verdes real estate trends


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Housing Market: Supply and Demand (

You probably remember the days of Economics 101 in college. The words "supply and demand' swirled around with many other financial terms. Have you considered how the law of supply and demand might influence your ability to buy a home or sell your house?

The truth is that the rise in the number of homes (supply) on the market is significant to the price, the number of interested buyers, and time to sale IF the number of buyers (demand) is constant or declines. The fact is that demand is keeping up with supply in Palos Verdes Estates. What does this mean to you as a buyer or seller? It means that you need a knowledgeable broker who recognizes the market trends in economics to help you.

Find out how a broker who understands the impact of supply and demand on real estate industry can help a seller favorably position their house in the market and a buyer craft a successful offer at

You need an expert real estate agent to assist you through the buying or selling process! Let's talk about buying or selling your house. +Call Realty Best Palos Verdes Homes today at 424-226-2147. #palosverdes #seller #buyer #supplydemand

Post has attachment Can you imagine driving down the freeway at 80 miles an hour, 3 am, bag over your head and headlights off? That's what it's like trying to negotiate the best deal you can whether you're a buyer or seller of Palos Verdes homes IF you don't understand the most recent Palos Verdes Real Estate Trends December 2017

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How might the Tax Cut and Jobs Act affect Palos Verdes Real Estate. Well let's do the math instead of whining like a little safe space seeking millennial

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What's in a name? Quite a lot as it turns out for Portuguese Bend Distilling. Very cool that they named this new venture after Palos Verdes history

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There are lots of good and bad things you can do as an owner of Palos Verdes homes. What home selling tip, if ignored, will cause you the most stress?

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How to save money on your next move. Use this site for more information #savemoney #movingexpenses #palosverdeshomes

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The number of homes relisted in Palos Verdes Estates between October of 2016 and October of 2017 has doubled. What's this mean? It's still a hot market, but "relisted" means deals fell through. Why have relisted homes increased in volume? Because Sellers are too damn greedy! And now they're paying for it!
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As we grow older in our homes it's more important to learn about the options on how to remodel a home for Seniors or search Palos Verdes one level homes

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What words enhance a property listing sale price? Can they? Have studies been done? What should your agent do to make your home sell for a higher price?
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