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Freedom, Religion
A couple of days ago I read a discussion between some friends regarding religion, worship, freedom, and slavery. In Farsi and Arabic, the terms for worship and slavery have the same root, so that worship means giving up one's freedom in the service of God. ...

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Violent Buddhism
I am reading a couple of novels by John Burdett which feature a Buddhist Thai detective. Here are some interesting excerpts: ``Whatever little mind picture you've got of me by now, kid, you better dump them. I don't have an ego. Those Chinese burned every l...

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اوا خواهر
دل گفت که از بلا حذر کن زین خطه پر خطر بپرهیز گفتم، گوگولی، مامانی، چی می گی؟ گفتا تو خودت بلای مایی!

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Before ten thousand steps, I squint my eyes to clear the temple suspended in clouds

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Roots of Evil
I have been developing a novel structure of concepts around the theme of ``the functions and responsibilities of the rational, conscious mind.'' Among these concepts are those related to roots of evil. I saw a book in the public library today that caught my...

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I have come across a strange novel by Diane Schoemperlen , `` Our Lady of the Lost and Found: A Novel of Mary, Fith, and Friendship. '' Here are some quotes from the beginning: This first stage of writing a book involves a lot of thinking time which, to the...

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Lies and Shadows, Silence and Time
Two quotes from `` Ceremony ,'' Leslie Marmon Silko 's masterpiece. The first one is long and about the lies with harbor deep inside and shadows: ... He had a crazy desire to believe that there has been some mistake, that Floyd Lee had gotten them innocentl...

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From a novel on (lesbian) love, loss and grief, remembering, and amnesia: The possum travels light, its little brain just a bit of spit and blood, poor synapses that can't recall where it slept the day before. It's nomadic, solitary, stopping here or there ...

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Is There a Tiny Fragment?!?
This quote comes after a particularly disturbing and depressing description of life in the Soviet Union in early 20th century: ``Not all of me shall die.'' Shulubin whispered. ``Not all of me shall die.'' He must be delirious. Kostogolov groped for the man'...

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تصمیم و خطا
دو بخش جالب از داستان   قیدار ، کار  رضا امیرخانی "تو کار قیدار پشیمانی راه ندارد. قیدار هیچ وقت پشیمان نمی شود ... من همیشه به تصمیم اول احترام می گذارم. تصمیم اولی که به ذهن ت می زند، با همه ی جان گرفته می شود. تصمیم دوم، با عقل، و تصمیم سوم با ترس ... از...
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