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Matthew Murchison

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streeeeeet fighter
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Spinning Bird Kick?
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Matthew Murchison

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This conference was really great yesterday: I'll link to the videos when they come out. Here are some highlights from what I thought were the best talks (4 of 8) from my notes:

+Kyle Simpson - "document.write() must die", great talk from creator of LabJS on the state of scriptloaders. He's putting out soon to help educate. He also posed a great question about potential LabJS integration into Modernizr during +Yehuda Katz 's talk.

+Anton Kovalyov - on a mission to liberate our code quality measurement tools from "Crocklamations" with JSHint. Looks like a great, flexible tool. Best for advanced users. I like the idea of defining your code style and then having a tool that checks for it and potentially corrects for it. Douglas Crockford was the butt of many... many jokes.

+Rebecca Murphey - Lessons from a Rewrite. Great walkthrough. Made me really wanna give Dojo a try. Love the concept of standardizing component interaction through several built in methods or method-prefixes. Well thought-out and insightful talk. Hit both the high-level reasons to/not to do a rewrite and some detailed examples of fundamental changes made in Toura's rewrite.

+Yehuda Katz - The Fallacy of Microlibs. I didn't even take notes I was too sucked into this talk. He picks apart the logical fallacies in the arguments for extending the to javascript tools. He states that the microlib movement advocates the development of many tiny, single-purpose libraries and expects them to "magically work together". What happens is that you end up writing a ton of "glue code", and aren't able to focus on the complex, important tasks. Key issues: 1. defining the interface before the implementation is far more difficult than writing a fully integrated (while well designed and modularized) implementation, then decoupling it later 2. There is a false stigma against developing a full, integrated stack. 3. We are competing with Cocoa, lets start acting like it. We have the low-level components now with html5, lets start thinking bigger and make some great fully integrated and fully functional tool-sets. "jQuery is the mother of all microlibs."
Broadway is the Home of Excellence. Broadway is well-known for performers who are masters at their craft, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, and now of course, JavaScript! In this brand new produ...
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Matthew Murchison

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There is a legitimate double rainbow over downtown right now.

All the way...
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are you cryin'
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Matthew Murchison

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my new digs
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what funny shaped screens
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Matthew Murchison

Shared publicly  - this song on repeat is making me bop my head back and forth like my avatar
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