Bad app, no biscuit.
PSA: 'TwooglePlus' DO NOT USE THIS!!

I just heard of a 'service' called 'TwooglePlus', which will crosspost your tweets over to Google+.

DO NOT USE THIS : Since Google+ has no proper posting API, this service requires you to hand over your actual Google Account password.

I cannot stress what a BAD IDEA this is.

I know how these services are working, since I have seen the code behind all the hacks and scripts that are out there offering these post to Plus-type services.

Sadly, until Google opens up a proper posting API using the standard methods of application control (via OAuth2 etc.) we're going to see a lot more of these kinds of services appearing.

Many people will fall for this, since most people have no idea about security.
Hat tip to +Haja Rasolo for sharing the original site.

A quick search here for TwooglePlus shows that many people have already fallen for it. see :
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