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Baa Baa Banquet
The Banquet is always the perfect ending to the perfect retreat! Since the Shepherd's Bush logo is a sheep, sheep abound in our gifts to one another and now our "attire" selection for the banquet.  Yes . . . our friend Tamara found the perfect dress for us ...

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They're Back!
We were so happy that Barb & Alma, of Blackbird Designs, were back teaching at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in October!  Always enjoy them and their classes!  We signed up for the track with Jeannette Douglas (such a joy), Paulette Stewart (so fun) and Barb ...

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On To The Retreat!
Not only is the Shepherd's Bush shop Mecca for cross-stitchers, but their retreat is also a bucket list item for most,  They never fail to make it a great experience! We started off our stay in Park City getting checked into The Silverado just down the hill...

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Mecca For Cross-Stitchers!
Wow...took me forever to download my pictures of The Shepherd's Bush Retreat from last October off the ipad and on to the PC so I could post them here . . . well, it didn't actually take 5 months . . . just most of yesterday! You'd think married to an IT gu...

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Don't Quit Your Day Dream Finishing Instructions
Work first.  I promised more detailed instructions on this pattern for piecing together fabric to finish this pillow as shown. If you've been following the blog over the years, you know my story of how The Nebby Needle got started.  If it is:  My...

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I will update over the weekend...promise!  I have pictures to share from retreats, Nashville Market, new designs coming, finishing details and freebies!!!  There just aren't enough hours in the day!!!! ~*

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I'm Back!
Sorry about being gone so long.  My father passed away in August and we brought my mother (who has dementia) to stay with us for 7 1/2 weeks before getting her moved into an Assisted Living facility near us.  It's been a challenging several months but, I've...

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Camp Cross-Stitch
I always wanted to go to "sleep away" camp since first seeing the "Spin
and Marty" serials on The Mickey Mouse Club in the 50's...yes, I'm that old.  Theirs
was a western-style camp at The Triple R Ranch.  Then..."The Parent
Trap"...the first one with Ha...

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Traveling Busy Bee
Sure wish I had started this insane career when I was younger!  As much fun as markets/retreats/shows are, they are also exhausting!  Events once a month for three months are enough . . . for now. The Nashville Market the beginning of March . . . has become...

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** Freebies **
I've been distributing "freebies" at the Nashville Needlework Market and the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat with the promise of thread suggestions and finish suggestions.  It would help, I'm sure, if I'd take the time to post those suggestions! Right after ...
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