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The Sisyphean Journey...Application for Leave to the SCC
Following on my last post entitled the Sisyphean Journey, I'm going to stay with that theme for now. Anyone wishing to see more about why I refer to the current state of my litigation with Westsea Construction as such a journey, may like to check my last po...

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Drafting: a mechanism for the origins of life?
I've been wanting for a while to prepare something rigorous to develop this idea. Since I've simply not found the opportunity to do so, and I don't at the moment foresee when a good block of time in the near future will open for this to happen, and since on...

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The Sisyphean journey: Trenchard v. Westsea Construction Ltd. CA44007 judgment released
On October 6, 2017, the Court of Appeal made an oral judgment in this dispute, released  in written form today  . Summary of decision The court allowed Westsea's appeal in part, but on grounds raised by neither of the parties. The court said that the decisi...

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Trenchard v. Westsea 16-3355 Madam Justice Power's decision to dismiss Westsea's application to strike
Here is Madam Justice Power's August 2, 2017 decision dismissing Westsea's application to strike my claims on the basis of res judicata; allowing my application to amend my pleadings, and granting costs in my favor, payable by Westsea to me forthwith:   Mad...

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The emergence of cooperation, resource abundance, and critical transitions
Cooperation tends to emerge in conditions of resource abundance, and diminishes in conditions of resource scarcity. This was one of the significant findings of my paper,  The peloton superorganism and protocooperative behavior  (2015)*.  My paper considers ...

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Trilobite pelotons: a response to the criticisms
First off, I wish to thank the
podcast commentators (“PCs”) for taking the time to consider and to review our
paper. There are obviously countless papers they could have chosen to discuss,
and it is certainly a privilege for our paper to have received some ...

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Peloton theory and contractual relations
A contract between parties is a cooperative venture.  The
contracting parties seek to exchange something of value from the bargain;
otherwise they would not enter it.  There are many theories of contractual
relations (e.g. as noted in 1), which I do not pro...

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Trilobite pelotons and the variation range hypothesis
Our new paper on  "Trilobite pelotons" published by the journal, Paleontology, is now out. Although it remains a hypothesis, the findings of the paper support the "variation range hypothesis", the notion that there is a relationship between the energy savin...

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