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Craig Holdheide
ASP.NET Web Developer
ASP.NET Web Developer

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Read my latest blog post: Getting Started With Website Load Optimization

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My name is Craig Holdheide and I started my blog in July last year.  This year I am setting a new focus for my blog.  See my 2015 goals and how I stacked up to last years goals.

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Apparently Sitefinity no longer offers a community edition.  Did I miss something here?  When was this decided?

See the forum post below.

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If you haven't setup Google Site Search on your web site you need to set this up immediately.  In my blog post you can read all about how to setup this feature and start under standing visitor intent.

In my blog post I am using the Sitefinity CMS, but any CMS, such as WordPress, can also utilize this feature in Google Analytic s.  Enjoy!

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Blogged: Getting Started with Sitefinity Basic Settings and Configurations

I added a custom field for blog posts in Sitefinity and noticed that every time I click the "Save as Draft" button for a blog post it moves the scroll bar position to the bottom of the page.

I have seen this on other content types in Sitefinity such as eCommerce products.  Can anyone else confirm that they are also seeing this issue when a custom field has been added to a Sitefinity content type.  I am running a Sitefinity 7.2.5310 instance and I am using Google Chrome.

I plan to submit a bug to Sitefinity if I can confirm the issue is repeatable.

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Anyone else notice the navigation on the left in the Sitefinity documentation section is missing?

I am thinking about making the following configuration changes to one of my Sitefinity environments, but I really want to understand the PROs and CONs and get get feedback from the SF DEV community.

Also, the main reason I am why I am thinking about making these changes is because we may eventually setup the server to be load balanced and because the size of the database is getting very large (several GBs).  

Here's what I am thinking...

1. Move all files in the Library's module (images, documents, videos) to the file system, instead of the database.  Also, I would default the storage provider to file system from that point on.

2. Move the Sitefinity database connection string to the web.config.

3. Move the Sitefinity configuration files into the database.

Let me know what your thoughts.  Thanks.

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