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This last week was nuts.  Definitely up there in regards to the toughest weeks of the semester.  I only had one big exam, but clinic was crazy and my tailbone was killing me.  It's tough to get things done in a timely manner when you're hobbling around like...

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The Little Things.
Just enjoying the little things this week, including: -buying the baby girl cloth diaper supplies, excited to try this out! -learning about doulas...if only we had as much money to spend as we wanted, I would definitely splurge on one...I might still. -snug...

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Nursery Loves.
Just a couple things I'm loving for the nursery lately... 1 is from here  and 2 is from here . I have always been leery of ordering something off the internet...something I've never seen in person.  I'm going to have to get over that!  Because I sure do lov...

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4 Simple Goals, before 2014
I saw this end of year project over at A Beautiful Mess  a couple of weeks ago and instantly loved the idea.  I think I did the original challenge back in the day...but since I'm not great at documenting regularly (obviously), I don't remember the details. ...

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Doctored Boxed Carrot Cake.
My mom's birthday is this coming week.  It's tradition to take a cake to that month's church potluck.  There's nothing like celebrating with the church family!  I wanted something good, but didn't want to put too much effort into it, because it's been a rou...

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Pregnancy is kicking my butt this week.
It feels quite literal actually.   My tailbone has felt like it's broken, it doesn't help that I've had a busy week in clinic-don't get me wrong, I love clinic time, but my body is just loudly protesting this week.  It's been taking all my energy not to wob...

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27 weeks
27 weeks marks the beginning of my third trimester and I think you can definitely tell ;) I'm finally starting to seriously work on the nursery.  I organized all the baby's clothes today by size and lots of other little things.  After this week, I won't hav...

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Today I had my test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.  The fact that I was a bit nervous about shows how non-healthily I've been eating recently.  This is something I'm not proud of.  I'm determined to improve my eating habits!  Goals are good...

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Books I'm reading.
Pregnancy Edition I am a serial multi-book reader, when the book is informative instead of being a story.  Here's what's currently on my nightstand: 1. I'm hoping to do this childbirth thing the old-fashion way-no drugs.  Basically everyone I mention this...

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Our 1 year anniversary
Again, our anniversary was July 29.  But these photos that Terra Schwartz took are just too cute not to post ;) It's fun to think about how much things have changed in the year and a bit that we've been married.  I feel so grown up-I suppose I should since ...
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