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Bekti Galan
Forgive but not forgotten.
Forgive but not forgotten.

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This song represents what you're doing to me years ago :D In the end you said, "I never did love you". Everything that I've done pointless

"...Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new..."


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Kusalutkan kemenanganmu :)

Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like you're still mine. And I realize, you are not anymore. That per miliseconds I was happy. Thankyou. And I am sorry. For all bad things that happened to you. I am wrong. I am sorry.

If you are so certain that she loves you, explain why she's with someone else? It proves that she doesn't and never will be!

Hi, why are you doing this? Am i not getting punished enough? Look, you have this great life, boyfriend, steady relationship, respected job, beautiful face and I am just some jobless dude that didnt graduated yet, who still have a feeling for you
In my point of view you have everything, you are happy, and I am still not
It was difficult for reaching you out, asking for that unreplied silly advice
Am I this unforgiveable to you?
I am sorry. I really do. Just be happy with your life.

I just wanna be loved. Is that wrong?

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Found amazing combo Pudge and Keeper Of The Light. 3 straight win! Yeah!

Dream less, realize more~
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