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I think I'll be jumping on this bandwagon too
As much as I love AS3 and AIR, I think I'm going to head down the same path that +Jesse Freeman is considering, C# and Unity, because it seems like an extremely powerful and stable combination for someone like myself who wants to develop games professionally, not just create casual games as a hobby. If I'm going to do this then I must make a decision now about the technologies I want to use, and not fart around waiting to see how things pan out in the HTML/JS and AS3/AIR worlds.

Again, I love working with AS3 and AIR, and I do believe they will be around for a long time but C# and Unity are game development powerhouses and they can reach more gaming devices (including consoles) than AIR currently can.

My stomach is actually rolling over while I type this but I feel this is realistically the best move for me to make - the following image definitely sums up my future in the game development world, for better or worse ...

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UnCircle.Me says UnCircle Zuckerberg

We've tried this before but we'll do it again. There is no reason someone with 606,477 followers, who has not made one post, should have that many followers. Let's take this a little at a time. Can we get him below 600K before the weekend is over? Let's help +Snoop Dogg take over the #3 spot!

Share this and include the tag #uncirclezuck in your post and let's see what we can do!

Go here to UnCircle him:

(note: I do not have anything personal against him or FB at all, I just don't see why his name should be hogging up a spot on the top 3 for no reason)

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This is a Google+ Ripple test.

You need to reshare this publicly for it to work!

The more reshares the more interesting the test will be.

This will be posted on after we complete the test.

To view the ripple:

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One of the projects i work on, Social Safe has been nominated for an award. Please select to vote under "Best Social Platform or Networking Startup" ... thanks!

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I just got a response from a support request to a certain unnamed company. It just said "Helol Adam"

.. and nothing else.

Yes, they did spell the only word other than my name wrong.

Other than SourceMate and version control, does anyone know of any good Flash Builder 4.5 plugins?

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This could be game-changing for Flash/Flex developers.. JetBrains now make a specific IDE for Flash/Flex/AIR devs, which probably means we can use their insanely good static code analysis. First release comes with integrated debugger, profiler and unit test runner!?!!

Trying to find a room in a shared house in Chiswick before I start my new job at the end of October means no time spent on the rest client the past couple of weekends. Will have to do some in the evenings this week, want to get it out there! :)
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