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Penelo Faith
Loyal and protective of those I love most <3
Loyal and protective of those I love most <3

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Freddy's Honey
1..2.. Freddy's coming for you....3..4... better lock your door..5 ...6 grab your lindens to shop for this.... For all the ladies who have the need to be Freddy Krueger, here is an outfit for you. Now of course I didn't go all burnt out. After all I still w...

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On A Good Day
Short post but another cute dress for the collection. I had the hardest time getting this ready today even though it was such short post. Got a bit side track talking to a few friends. So talked to a good friend of mine from the RL and of course had to mess...

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Hallows Eve
Hello lovelies! So today in another game I play it's the start of all Hallows Eve. Where you can start doing mini game quests that are related to Halloween. Which made me want to visit my favorite Spooky sim. It is an amazing place to explore with friends a...

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When She Moves
Ok I must say when I first put on this dress I was like yes blue! Cause I love blue clothes on me but than I was like crap more blue I am posting! - laughs a little - So I loved the necklace to this outfit and was like I will so be wearing that with other s...

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Heart Goes
Was very busy today doing some gaming but after a rewarding gaming session of WOW felt the need to get all cute and relax. I feel so lazy but before I relax yes yes let's get out a cute outfit for you all.  Also decided to change up my signature. Not sure h...

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This romper is up for 55 Thursday at Rowena's Design.... yes now that is a good deal. Comes in several colors so you might need to pick this up before the sale is up! Don't know why I've been doing blonde posts lately. Guess I've been in the mood for a chan...

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Don't Own Me
So fall is here but it's still hot..... grossly hot but I still had to show this outfit. You can use it for fall or when winter does decide to show it's face. Or heck just wear it because you like it. The beauty of SL, it is forever the season you want it t...

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A Little Batty
Well at least that's what it's suppose to be a little purple bat. Pretty sure its a little demon but I shall treasure him dearly since my Uncle gave him to me. Of course he did kill my first one. To think he use to be my favorite uncle! Now lets get to the ...

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Cupid You Jerk
So after a long busy Sunday cleaning I stepped into the empty room except it wasn't so empty... it was full of love and romance... what the fook? Who did all this ... is this my home? IS THIS FOR ME! So as I was snooping around I felt a sudden jolt from my ...

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Love You
I made a Valentine for you. The heart shape says I love you.   H - E - A - R - T  H - E - A - R - T  H - E - A - R - T  The heart shape says I love you! So cuteeeeeeee so all of you kids that want to be cupid it and hand out your Valentines this is the outf...
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