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Has anyone had Nucynta for pain? Dr prescribed it for my knee surgery Thurs. because Percocet makes me throw up. Feedback on Nucynta pls- was it effective, etc.?

Anyone got any good Halloween costume ideas for someone on crutches? Maybe I can make my right leg look like a bloody stump somehow...

Months ago I participated in a telephone poll, and when they asked me if I was interested in being part of focus groups in the future, I said sure. Last night I got my first "gig"- a focus group participant for 2 hrs on Aug 16. They're giving me $100 to watch a film & hear my feedback.

There's a whole week between the first day of school for 2nd-12th grade and the first day of school for K &1st. I have no childcare. I wanna just say f*ck it and take that week off and talk mom into going on a trip with me & the kiddo. It would mean she would likely use the $ my grandma left for her..... I wouldn't exaclty be asking her for money, just inquiring if she's interested in using it to go with us somewhere.

OMG I love this show!!!

Any other recommended sites out there similar to Hulu, but better?

I want one of those camping ovens from Costco so badly.

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I must've been watching too much "Fatal Attractions" on Animal Planet. Last night I dreamed a friend of ours had his own pet buffalo in his apt.

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For April!
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