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Terry Hancock
Free Software Magazine columnist and fledgling filmmaker
Free Software Magazine columnist and fledgling filmmaker

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Easy-to-install Linux package for OpenToonz.
@OpenToonz build for #Ubuntu, #Debian, #Fedora and any other #Linux distro is available for download! #opensource #animation

Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any 64bit Linux distro. The package is in AppIamge format – just download, make it executable and run! Your (optional)…

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It's getting very close to the wire for +Nikolai Mamashev's motion comic adaptation of +David Revoy's "Pepper and Carrot" free-licensed web comic. He's at 93% with less than a day left!

I really hope he makes it!

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Blender 2.78 has bendy bones? That sounds pretty intriguing.

I'm going to have catch up with Blender soon!
Bendy bones experiments blender 2.78 rc1

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In my opinion, the artist here exhibits the perfect response to seeing their work used by someone they consider unsavory: to express contempt in their own responses to it, rather than attempting to use copyright law (or threats) to censor speech.

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Sadly, this seems pretty accurate lately.

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Ah, the perfection of nature...

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They ruled the safe-harbor clause still applies, even when the laws are State rather than Federal.

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Got a little start on this today. Just learning how to use the Blender UI API.
Started writing some code for integrating Blender with TACTIC -- just a UI mock-up, but it's giving me a better idea of how to set it up, and it's running code, which is always a good place to start.

I've decided to call the Add-On package "KitCAT".

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Probably true. :-P
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