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I have a deep-seated fear that all of my code is like this.
I've read code like this. I, ahem, may also have written code like this on occasion.
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Terry Hancock

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Brief report on what's up with +Lunatics! (Animated Series)  (which is a lot).
We've been busy. The newsletter will be a few days late, because I wanted to include some stuff about the new website, after it's up. We've got some new people, and a promise of more in the Summer, when we'll be working on the 2nd & 3rd parts of the Pilot (lots of models to finish for those). Currently hoping to get part 1 out at the end of May.
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Another free-culture movie project to be aware of.
We have a dedicated website for our Open Movie, 2D animation film, made fully with Free Software!
ZeMarmot movie — A Libre Movie made with Free Software
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Terry Hancock

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Utter foolishness. They are inseparable, and it is absurd to draw a distinction, let alone look down on one from the other.

If you're content to make free software without it making money, then you are content for it to be unsustainable. Unsustainable development is an immorality in itself, as it creates a vacuum that must be filled, and takes no responsibility for what fills it.

You need something to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. So if you're not making money on the free software, that means you're making it somewhere else. Where is it coming from?

I imagine quite a few programmers are working on proprietary software. Or you're working for a company that uses it. Otherwise, you're probably doing work far below your pay grade, and that's wasteful too. It's a rare person with strong professional skills in two areas.

Sustainable business models are essential if you really want an industry that produces free software and doesn't depend on the proprietary industry to keep going.

Open source, with its focus on the business requirements of producers emphasizes long-term sustainability over short-term gains and makes possible an industry where free software can be produced without the need to exist as a parasite on the rest of the economy. This is critical if you really care about the whole ecosystem being free and preserving freedom.

Not that the ideology of free software is meaningless, but it is not sufficient if it's just to be empty words without an infrastructure to hold it up.

Pragmatism and ideology are inexorably linked. You cannot separate them and claim that one is somehow superior to the other. An ideological condition that collapses in a fortnight is just as useless as a edifice of power without ethics, and the pattern of history is that the former creates the power vacuum that the latter fills. That makes it unethical not to consider the needs of producers as well as consumers.
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+Alexandre Prokoudine
Nice game of thrones reference.

I never said freedom wouldn't have costs. In fact, I've repeatedly said that freedom does have a cost.

GNU does not strip ownership from the copyright holder. Indeed, the copyright holder can release that very same information in proprietary software. When one releases something to the public, it is unjust to selectively release bits and pieces of it to acquire unwarranted control over the people.

Release information to the public in full, or not at all.

It's a feature of youth, that with nothing to lose, everything is risked. Seriousness can't be ascertained by opinions of old age then. The old might proclaim their willingness to die in war, but it's the young who do it. Youth does not mean lack of seriousness.
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Terry Hancock

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Oh, that is a really cool visualization!
Earth's Plates Change Over Time

⇛ The GIF is showing frame by frame in 1 million year increment model of tectonic movement.

⇚ According to Sabin Zahirovic, a geodynamicist at the University of Sydney in Australia the tectonic plates can change their motion (speed and direction) over geologically short periods of time, about 1 million years.

⇎ Earth is in a constant state of change and it looks different than it was 250 million years ago when there was only one continent, called Pangaea, and one ocean, called Panthalassa.

⇕ At an average rate of 1.53 cm, land masses move apart and toward each other. The heat from radioactive processes within the planet’s interior causes the plates to move, sometimes toward and sometimes away from each other.

Sources :

HuffPo Science :

#sciencesunday   #tectonic  #geography 
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Today we are excited to announce our newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail! It uses the same resin and printer as our popular material Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), but it’s almost twice as detailed! Frosted Extreme Detail, or FXD for short, 3D prints using 16 micron layers (vs FUD’s 29 micron layers). This means 3D prints […]
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Okay, so the mainstream conventional wisdom is on-record expecting a massive drop in ratings or sales income. So if it doesn't happen, will they accept that "piracy" isn't the big bad bugaboo they've been claiming for so long?

I think we need to hold them to their predictions. Personally, I doubt it will make much difference either way.
Hundreds of thousands of downloads of the leaked episodes already.

"The first four episodes of Game of Thrones—the episodes sent out as screeners to reviewers everywhere—have been leaked online. This is bad news for HBO, which just rolled out its cable-free stand-alone streaming service (and Netflix competitor) HBO Now on Tuesday."
As HBO rolls out its first stand-alone streaming service, half of its flagship show is leaked online.
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My point is to catch them making the prediction. We should remember what they said now, for later.
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Terry Hancock

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Looks like a fun project!
Did the assembly on my bar top arcade cabinet last night. It's coming along nicely.
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No matter the language, there's always some intrinsic problem. 
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I have nothing but respect for people who set up a code and choose to live by it, even if it means going against their basic biological impulses.

But if you need restrictions of law on other people to be able to stand on your own morals, you must not take them very seriously.
Gay Men Married To Women Tell SCOTUS They're Against Same Sex Marriage Because It Might Make Their Marriages Look Like Shams

"Rather than expand liberty, such a judgment would not only ignore the deeply fulfilling marriages between same-sex attracted men and women and their spouses, but would also constitutionally demean such marriages and families. Inescapably, striking down man-woman marriage laws on the basis of a constitutional deprivation would send a message to the same-sex attracted that there is only one choice for them, that man-woman marriage is unattainable, that they are acting against their nature for desiring it, and that pursuing it will be dangerous for them, their spouses, and their children. But, in reality, the opposite is true. The institution of man-woman marriage is not an insult; it is an ensign, beckoning anyone – regardless of sexual orientation – that the union of a man and a woman is uniquely significant because it is endowed with procreative power and complementary capacity."

Think for a moment just how fucked up in the head you have to be to think like this.  This is sad and ridiculous.  These men most likely wouldn't think of themselves and marriage this way if not for the hatred for homosexuals that exists, especially in religion.


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Self-described "same-sex attracted" men who married women fight to prevent gay marriage because it would make their relationships look "like shams."
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It seems to me too many people adopt somebody else's morality, either what they've been taught by family, religion, social group... but they don't necessarily believe it, they just go through the motions "because"... so when push comes to shove, they don't stand by them.    

Maybe if people really had a code they thought rather than just blindly following, they might not feel the need to legislate other people's morality.  
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Nice debunk. Worth reading.
Sigh. Via +Matthew Herper on twitter. I had 2 people demand I drink it. I said they could prove to me organic pesticides are safe by drinking rotenone.

RT @matthewherper: He's Not A Monsanto Lobbyist, And Weed Killer Isn't Safe To Drink via @forbes

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Free Software Magazine columnist and fledgling filmmaker
I've been interested in space and technology from childhood and in art, writing, computer programming, movies, electronics, and animation for almost as long. 

I've worked as an astronomer, a software maintainer, tech support (never again!), and as a writer. I'm moving into film making (not entirely new -- I was a film student at one time) with a video project called "Lunatics".

Bragging rights
Wrote a book called "Achieving Impossible Things" about free software and free culture. Write a (semi-)regular column for Free Software Magazine. Married for 20+ years, 3 children, 2 cats.
Writer, Filmmaker, Astronomer, Programmer, Artist
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