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energy efficiency, LED lights, solar power
energy efficiency, LED lights, solar power

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: You can update and modernise your home for FREE with a LED light upgrade with us at Energy Makeovers. LED lights last over 12X longer than other light bulbs and provide significant savings. Book your assessment today.
**The LED downlights we supply and install as part of our free LED upgrade service are MR16 (12V) LED downlights, which are compatible with the majority of existing transformers. In most cases, only the light bulb needs to be replaced.
Click here for your FREE LED light upgrade:

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From thermostats to open windows.

How's your business losing money through wasted energy?

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A video for Volkswagen's new electric bus!
VW’s goal is to sell at least a million electric cars per year by 2025

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British retailer Marks & Spencer will save 10,000 tonnes of paper and 5,000 tonnes of glue by switching to laser tagged food!

What a difference a small change can make

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Own or manage a business? Many Victorian businesses are eligible for FREE LEDs and heavily subsidised installations!

But how can you tell if you're eligible? Find out more

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Despite the US Administration's plans to increase the coal industry global demand for coal drops for a second year!

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With climate change a big headliner in the news recently, here's a fantastic 3 minute video on why curbing our carbon emissions is so crucial for the future of the planet

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Just 16 days after launch Tesla's solar roofs are sold out!

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How Storage King saved itself almost half a million dollars in energy bills with an LED Upgrade from Energy Makeovers!

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Google's new £1billion 'landscraper' featuring a rooftop garden!
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