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Not a bad place to break in my new Cloudsurfers

Got my pebble second hand on eBay. Fantastic watch, great for switching music in the car, tracking runs etc but most of all I love the link with ios 7 notifications. I'm saving battery life by having all notifications(apart from phone) muted so the screen isn't constantly popping into life. Also use with google maps background refresh which pushes notifications to the phone is great.

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Spyro enjoying the early morning sun
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When I had an HTC one X the gyros stopped working. I took it in to vodafone, they sent it away for repair and I was sent a new one x. Unfortunately the wifi didn't work on the replacement they sent so I took it back in, phone was sent away and another replacement sent back. This time it was stuck on an older version of android and couldn't be updated. I took it back to the shop and ordered an iPhone 5s. This all took 3 weeks. After 6months the touch sensor on the 5s stopped working and the Touch ID settings disappeared from the settings menu. I tried all the fixes suggested on the forums and apples website. Nothing worked so I took it into an apple store. 10 minutes later I walked out with a new phone. That's why I moved back to apple.
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