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Passionate Developer, Tech Evangelist and Entrepreneur


Has anybody else had this problem: The button on my headphones no longer allows me to Pause/Play music, or activate voice.

I've tried replacing the headphones, and the button works fine on other devices - This is on a Lumia 1020, running Windows Phone 8.1

I'm trying to diagnose if there is a problem with my WiFi / Network settings and was wondering if another Surface Pro 3 owner could try the following, with the device not plugged into power:

Open an administrator command prompt

Type "powercfg /energy" (Without the quotes)

Open the HTML file that it produces (May need to cut/copy/paste it to the desktop first)

Locate the part that starts with "Power Policy:802.11 Radio Power Policy is xxxx"

Could you tell me what is there in place of xxxx on your device? I'm not sure what the correct value should be there.

Any help will really be appreciated. Thanks

Really want to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Dell Venue 8 Pro, but don't have a micro USB to USB adapter :(

I don't think there's any other way to do it, say over the network for example. I'll give it a try though and let people know if it works (at all)

Should there be a mouse pointer on the screen when hovering the stylus? I seem to remember reading marketing material from Dell that suggested there should be, similar to pens from other companies.

Anybody recommend a good mount for using the Lumia 1020 for video recording? One option is the camera grip with a regular screw on tripod.

Some good changes in WP 8.1 but removal of some social integration is a step back.

Also not good that I can't access any email accounts. Looks like I need to do a full phone reset and restore everything to fix that particular issue.

Also a shame Cortana Beta is not available to the UK yet. On my phone the bing search doesn't work from browser or search button (doesn't even attempt to start the search). Can't seem to get the old voice recognition features to work.

New swype style keyboard is pretty cool though.
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Parallels Desktop 8 + OS X Mavericks...Is it not possible to "Use all screens" in full screen mode anymore? Can't seem to do it since upgrading to Mavericks
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