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Follow up post for #RNCCDC

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Who in my circles is going?!

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Anyone out there a DevOps/Operations fanatic? 

Good. So am I - and the company I work for -

Bluebox is looking for a DevOps rockstar as part of our Engineering team to make our operations run smooth and scale big.  This role is highly focused around cloud computing, specifically AWS, and touches every aspect of our platform.  If you’re looking to own the cloud with automation and refine how DevOps works, this just might the role for you.  Our team brings experience from Zynga and Heroku, so we’re looking for smart people that are interested in taking their skills to the next level.

What you know inside and out:

- Amazon Web Services - EC2, Route53, CloudWatch, etc.
- Scaling complex infrastructure - load balancing, etc.
- Data warehousing - PostgreSQL, Redis, ActiveMQ, etc.
- Automation w/ tools like Chef, Git, and Apt
- Monitoring, alerting, and logging in the cloud
- Good scripting experience (Bash/Ruby ++)
- Security experience an extra bonus

E-Mail your resume to if you're up to the challenge. 

Feel free to share it to your circles if you know people too ;)
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Anyone help me out here?
Who's the best / fastest business card company in the Bay area?

My friend's company is looking for a great local company that has good customer service and quick turn around. Anyone have any reccomendations in the #SF  region? 

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This documents some of the great work many people across the country do in competitive cyber security. Really appreciate having the opportunity to participate in these things!

PS: Go Red Team!
Hak5 finished the NCCDC Documentary...check it out!!!!

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Life Announcement: Tomorrow is my last day at Zynga! It's been a great pleasure to work with Zynga and specifically it's incredibly talented Security team. I've made some great friends and really enjoyed my time there.

Just couldn't pass on this new opportunity. Looking forward to my new home at Bluebox! Startup world, here I come!

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

+Charlie Corns I expect great things from you.
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