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Dropping this here because I don't have time to do a "How To" Spent 2 days trying to dig up a water valve cover in the yard. Then went outside the box by going in and... Using a weed ripper to loosen the dirt around the valve on the inside of the box. Box literally almost popped out. Ok so I had someone pop it out with a shovel. BUT, the tip is. NO WHERE ON THE INTERNET does it have tips for this. So. Water valve box removal + loosen dirt inside box= hopefully not 2 days for you. You are welcome interwebs.
In the 1500's and on.. There became a movement to kill "witches". People use to gather in mass to hunt them down and capture them. I know a lot of Pagan people who think it is awesome that this is happening to Trump. Really? Just really. It is not peaceful. It does nothing but cause unrest. It causes distrust. Puts people in fear. No one should live in fear. I see that a lot of liberals have embraced the police state. Till it arrests them for protesting without a permit in NYC. WHICH if you had your shit together -you would know that you can not do that in ANY city. It is a big no no. Mainly so that you as the "protestor" are protected. Instead of creating a RIOT. Which is what has happened at Trump Towers today. They went to the witch to do nothing but intimidate him. It really is disgusting. What is more disgusting is that it is mostly ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. You don't want to be deported. Then instead of protesting get off your ass and get your green card. Tired of people whining about wanting to be here illegally. It is truelly disgusting. <<<not racist what I just said>>> I am saying you need to follow the laws. ALL COUNTRIES HAVE IMMIGRATION POLICIES. Pointing out that you should follow the US guidelines for immigration is not racist. It is just a PLEASE and THANK YOU. Till then don't make someone your boogey man because you can't handle your own shit. Fix yourself. Stop spreading hate.
Is on Cellcept. After begging to go back on Cytoxan. Blarf. But I feel better than the steroid coaster.
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The badge of honor? I started this group because newbies to MS are annoying. I come from a time when there was only one in injectible. There were no pills on the horizon. If someone said 2013 I would cringe and become annoyed. However, I did not start this group or talk to others with MS who have the mindset that glorifies their fight and demeans others. I ran into this in several other groups. 25 years I have had it so your 13 year knowledge means nothing. Actually, the reason I am annoyed with newbies is because they did not have to suffer for years of one thing,or nothing,and no oral medications. It annoys me beyond belief that some are like I want to take X because it is a pill. While the reason I waited for Tecfidera is because I have NO OPTIONS LEFT. Not because I was so thrilled to have some baby choice about needles or no needles. Buck up inject. I just had my last dose of steroids due to an exacerbation. I am sure it will not be my last. But, I want it to be. While I am doing this I see an online MS friend suffering with an exacerbation using excuse after excuse to not do steroids. Then when I comment I have asked my registered nurse not 5 minutes ago if people with his other conditions can do steroids---he gets all badgey on me. "How long have you had it" The steroid in my wanted to respond "Not long enough to be an arrogant asshole right now" instead I calmly answered. To which he responds "I like my copaxone so I will refrain..." and I was like there is not a choice..He does not have to go off his copaxone. BUT ya know what do I know I only used copaxone for 10 years with chemotherapy and STEROIDS.. BUT YA KNOW...I am just not badge worthy. I am trying to be helpful but discounting me because of ignorance (including my own) is annoying. I miss the newbies filling me in on the new stuff. If I could only cease my jealousy to invite them in again. I can't I just have to stay on my toes WHO WANTS A BACON CHEESEBURGER? Has anyone heard of these new exacerbation treatments with hormone shots? *blinks
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Yeah. Panic attacks after taking them for over 10 years. So now they have to be super duper necessary.
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) capsules to treat adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS).
I wanted to take a moment out from my chemotherapy haze to vent about #wheniwas for sexual "assault". I used quotations for a reason. The first example I read was "when I was 13 a friends mother at the pool told me my chest was too big-she said I should be wearing a t shirt or a high neck swimsuit. I felt body shamed." >>I myself have a big chest. At 13 you are just getting used to having your boobies. No your tits do not need to be hanging out at the pool. When I was 12 I wore a Betty Boop tshirt. As I developed all the boys at school called me Betty Boobs. It was the early 80's. However neither of those things are sexual assault. Put your tits away and quit your whining. The second example I read was "when I was in middle school. A principal pulled me aside to tell me I needed a bra. I screamed why are you looking at my boobs." Well honey, he was looking at your boobs because you needed a bra. AND that again was not sexual assault see the betty boobs story I lived. The whole hashtag disrespects real feminist.
Feminist who were gang raped in the back of cars in the 1950's impregnated and sent away. Women who were smacked on the tush. Pinched,grabbed,and held up against cigarette machines just trying to pour coffee at Diners. Women who didn't run out with their tits hanging out expecting no one to say a word.
I say all this as someone who worked in the adult entertainment industry. Someone who worked in bars. Someone who worked in retail selling lingerie. Someone who has spent a good amount of their life with their tits hanging out. I have heard it all. And then some. I have also experienced rape. I have experienced friends rapes. Abuse verbally and physically. I know what is right and what is wrong.
It is not wrong to tell you that your swimsuit is inappropriate. It is not wrong to tell you-you need a bra. It is not sexual assault for someone to whistle at you. It is very far from it. I understand that if you look at a girl wrong these days you can get sent to jail. So I understand the delusion that younger women have about the definition of sexual assault. It is clearly what made this hashtag of the day a complete failure.
I just don't do well with blowing smoke up peoples asses. No really my life is to complicated and to short for that. Do not ever say you tried everything you could to slow your progression ect... and then refuse a simple steroid treatment because it makes loopy for a few days. It's steroids for gods sake. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! WTH.
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Here is what I am up against. A drug that makes thousands feel great. BUT-1 in 1000 develop a horrible brain bleed that can kill them. There is a way to stop and reverse this brain bleed if caught in time. BUT-because of the brain bleed you can suffer severe disability that can  put you way way worse than you were before. I tested negative for the virus that causes the brain bleed BUT--- I was on a drug that they dont know why it causes people to develop the brain bleed BUT it makes me an at risk patient regardless of my negative test. Statistically this sounds like a really crap idea. Or is it just me being a scaredy cat.
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