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Interesting is definitely the word......
Interesting to see +TODAY is going to be at SXSW. The food trucks are a fun ideas, but I wonder if they'll be doing any actual reporting or not.
Got the munchies? There's a snack for that! Check out our muncherrific menu options, and stop by and see us! TODAY is headed to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest® (SXSW) Interactive Conference...
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After much harassment (in a good way) from people I respect, I've finally blogged about this new-fangled Google+ thing.
Blog post body. If you were to glance at my Google+ profile, you'd probably think I'm practically inactive. But what you're seeing is the public view of a very targeted set of actions, bas...
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I just read your post and I think you've really hit on something. Hustling content has become even easier thanks to how seamless the experience is if you're a Google user of pretty much any kind. I try to be skeptical about these things, but in this case my own user behaviors are betraying me.
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melissa parrish

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My take on what Google Search, Plus Your World could mean for marketers.
I don't know about you, but my head is spinning from all of the articles and editorials about Google's incorporation of Google+ content and other personalized search results. While there's...
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Apparently someone here didn't think the idea of Google indexing it's own social network was enough of an incentive to use that network much this year. =)

I like G+ because my Facebook personal page is personal. Here I can see what other business-people are up to and visa versa. It's like an extension of LinkedIn here. The only drawback is that, unlike LinkedIn or even Facebook, Google+ personal profiles have no prominent link to  that person's company page(s) such as under the person's photo where it says (past tense for some reason) that this person "Worked at XYZ Company" with no link. This is an oversight on the part of Google product management.

It's also a lot easier to search here for what others are saying, in my network or outside of it. To use an example of a personal interest topic, I like to know what anyone ever says about the old "Dark Shadows" TV series. Here I have a Spark for that. On Facebook I wouldn't know how to go about getting alerts for that sort of thing. 
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melissa parrish

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I'm breaking my own rule and posting this in multiple places. That's how annoyed I am by people on the news saying they're not going to leave even if they're in a Hurricane Irene evacuation zone:

Dear people who've never been in a hurricane before,

Mandatory evacuations aren't just for your immediate safety during the hurricane. Those zones are the most likely to flood massively, get power knocked out, have impassable roads, and/or suffer structural damage. If you don't leave you might be fine during the storm itself, but you're going to suffer the most after because you're in the hardest area to reach for rescues and service repairs. And come on, if you're without water or power for a week or more you're going to be majorly pissed off even though you were told to leave. So just board up your windows and get to a non-evacuation zone, so that clean up and repair crews can concentrate on restoring services to the majority of the population instead of spending valuable time and resources trying to help you out of a situation you needn't find yourself in in the first place.

I know it's a pain, but if my parents could do it roughly twice a year for 15 years with 2 kids, a dog, and a grandfather, you can too.

K? Thanks. --A Former South Floridian
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