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Patricia Correll
I am a writer. It's what I do.
I am a writer. It's what I do.

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My other half. Proud.
My short story "Squealer", published last year in the journal Nature, was recently republished in the European journal Concatenation as one of the best Futures stories of 2012. You can read "Squealer" here:

While you're there, check out other selected Futures stories from previous years by authors such as David Brin, Mike Resnick, Bruce Sterling, and Charles Stross at the following link:

My three-year-old wanted to say the prayer before dinner tonight.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the food and help us to fight the naughty guys. Please make the Angry Birds beat the pigs so they can get their eggs back.


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People in and around Cincinnati: if you like Japanese food, you MUST go here. It's a real mom-and-pop operation (literally, the chef is the husband and the server is the wife) and is DELICIOUS and reasonably priced. Also, elaborate and lovely Japanese desserts that you usually see under glass in bakeries in an anime series.

Green tea cake FTW y'all.

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Pic #5 makes me want to go, but #3 makes me reconsider.

But +Nathan Correll , Finntroll was on this cruise!

On Reddit someone asked, "What do you want that you know you can never have?"

A giraffe.

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Come chillax with me with Louisville!

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Less than one week before Idris Elba cancels the apocalypse.

The Punisher was my first comic book love, and I still love him, but damn. Reading some Punisher just HURTS.

My kid can defeat an Eye Spy page in 10 seconds but ask him to pick up the sandals that are directly in front of him on the floor and suddenly he can't see anything.

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Happy early 4th of July! (read the reviews!)
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