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I have the Sony 55x850c which has Android TV and Cast built in. I'm trying to link it to my Google Home so I can use voice commands to play YouTube and Netflix but it says my TV doesn't support voice commands yet. I believe everything has the latest firmware. Should this supported at this point or is it still pending a firmware upgrade from someone?

I'm having an issue with notification sounds and hope it's a setting I can change. When I'm listening to Google Play Music and a notification comes through there's a spike in the music volume. I don't recall if this happens in other audio apps or just Google Play Music. Does this happen to others as well? Suggestions on fixing?

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I know benchmarks aren't everything but...

Everyone here is talking about how fast the Pixels are and I can't wait to get mine on Monday. But I was watching some benchmark test the other night and the scores weren't that impressive. Especially when it comes to gaming.

Is it a matter of people being super excited for the new hardware and the nice camera or just a matter of the benchmarks not telling the whole story? How's your gaming experience?

If you were to think of a cool new feature for Allo, that hasn't been discussed before, what would it be?

On my way home from work I started thinking about the upcoming US elections and the preceding debates. Wouldn't it be cool if you could stream the debate from within Allo (YouTube) and answer curated questions from Google Assistant as the debate goes on?

What other ideas can we come up with?

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Jump on it while you can...

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Thoughts and prayers with Doug and his family
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