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Since I try and keep this updated with my projects at least, some belated news for here. After a good long time, an old project is coming to conclusion. With production completed, Rainfall is almost ready.

While we submit and wait in festival limbo: a trailer :) We very much hope you enjoy, and can't wait to show post the full short.

#RainfallTO #film #Toronto #animation #independent
#hybrid #adobe #flash #aftereffects

Each time I return to Google Plus I'm more impressed by the technology and love put into the interface, but so few of my people are actually using this platform. The interface is responsive, gorgeous, and snappy. Everything Facebook has left behind on their own desktop site.

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Partially successful photosphere of the #gutsywalk 2015

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Huzzah! Moonlines contest #2! This one got approved later than I expected, but there's still a good few days to enter and win a paperback copy with a beautiful glitch photography cover by +J. Ziemianin . 

If you don't win, don't worry. Because there shall be another.
See the contest and more on the Goodreads page!

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As part of my ongoing experiment of how to get writing into the online world, I've been exploring the rather amazing Wattpad app/site, which is a story sharing experience built for ongoing stories and live updates.

I'll be  posting a brand new work there soon, but in the meanwhile, I've started posting Moonlines there as well! 

If you're using the app, or are curious about it, feel free to follow the link below.

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A goodreads giveaway for Moonlines starts today!

Two lovely (and autographed) hardcover copies are up for grabs just for clicking that magic "Enter To Win" button.

The entries are open for two weeks, until Friday the 24th, so feel free to hit the link for more info if you'd like more info :)

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At last, after 2+ years and multiple revisions: “Moonlines”, my first (prose) novel is out.

(There’s been a lot of learning along the way, so if you’re interested in making books from an absurdly indie perspective, feel free to ask me things.)

Print copies are available both in a beautiful hardcover and a much more cost-effective paperback, and the eBook is available through almost all the major channels (iBooks, Kobo, Kindle!) You can read a free preview on all the services, too, including Goodreads.

Check out if you’re intrigued/ are looking for something new to read :)

Try as I might, I can't seem to keep using G+ consistently.

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Some photos that remind me why photography is vital and beautiful. #photography  

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I'd love to know why this game was abandoned, specifically. I wasn't waiting for it with bated breath, really, but it did represent an attempt to take Star Wars back towards a grimier, dirtier world. A place I think was closely connected to the original films, and their used and abused technology.

Or maybe the game just wasn't any good?

But if the world of Star Wars gets any more clean and antiseptic, we're going to be watching 3 new feature films that look exactly like the Clone Wars tv show ...

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