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In honor of Presidents' Day in the USA there will be no Epic Sketchtime today. Come back next Monday.

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Last night's Epic Sketch Time with +Patrick McCuen, +CrashBangAdam, +Bill Morse, and myself.

Epic sketchtime is happening now. Twitter me at @markmonlux if you want to be invited in.

Tag in here or via Twitter @markmonlux if you want in on Epic Sketchtime today. 4:30pm Pacific.

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Who want's to learn about the Berne Convention?

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Yet one of a long series of videos.
My friend, +Daniel Abraham and I have been putting together informative videos on copyright and other legal issues that artists face.we

+James Stowe cannot host today. I've an appointment and might be late. Can anybody else in the group host the hangout? If so please respond ASAP. And don't forget you will also need to tweet the regulars.

I would like to hear from everyone in this community about when the best day and time would be for them to participate. Please be sure to include your time zone. 
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