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Are we quick to give up, give in and walk away defeated?

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We face challenges.....where do you look for answers?

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God Is The Supreme Power
                     Some years ago we received a
surprise phone call from a relative, states away, who needed us to come to her
aid.   It took some re-scheduling, but we
were able to see to the needs of this young woman.   Another time a neighbor in our co...

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Women need women by design, as friends and mentors.....

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Connecting Women With Women
            I was
reading an article recently about a woman who accepted Christ as her Savior
while a child, and as most children and teens, found herself up and down with
her faith.   She married and had a child,
but was frustrated with her spiritual life....

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Would you be willing to live on another planet?

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Agreeing to disagree is sometimes the best option.

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Finding Common Ground
             “You are just plain wrong,” said my
friend, as I joined she and another friend having a heated conversation.   “The guy is an idiot and can’t do anything
right.”             “I disagree,” said my other
friend.   “I’d rather think we should

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Does it matter what your worship place is called?
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