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Dear free time, I miss you. But I'm enjoying everything I'm doing.

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Also, I have to see this when it comes to Carlsbad.

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I've been off of Google+ for like three days and I feel like I've missed a few things.

One client done, more soon to follow. Meredith and I brought the dog from the brewery to the dog rescue last night. My mom's almost completely recovered from thyroid cancer surgery. And I'm about to pick up my dad from the airport. There are things to be happy about.

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If you're in the LA area in the month of August, come see my wife in I Caligula, An Insanity Musical, in which she plays a guy. If you see click this link in the next two hours, you can get tickets for half price.

EDIT: The indiegogo deal is over, so here's a link to the show's official site. In the next few days, there may be video by me.

Back in LA. I think I defeated jet lag by staying up until 3 AM every night I was in the Eastern Time Zone.

I'm in Charleston, WV for the weekend. Yay!

After flying to DC yesterday morning, two cancelled flights, spending the night at a friend's house in DC, being bumped from the third flight due to weight restrictions, renting a car and driving six and a half hours, I am finally in West Virginia and able to get married next week. I hate airports, but I'm pretty happy. And tired.
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