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I think we're way past Microsoft saying"Trust us. We know what we're doing."

There's going to be a revolt if the message at Build is that you need to recode your apps after asking developers to do it in Windows Phone 7 and again in 8.

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The move to the hamburger menu in Windows 10 Mobile has been incredibly controversial, with Windows Phone not just losing one handed usage, but also differentiation from other mobile operating syst...
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And people wonder why no one develops for windows phone. 
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"The magazine's publisher, Jann S. Wenner, however, told The New York Times that Erdely would continue to write for the magazine and that neither her editor nor Dana would be fired."

This is business as usual for the main stream media since there's no accountability. No apologies are necessary if the readership is high.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Rolling Stone magazine retracted a widely discredited article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia after a top journalism school issued a scathing report Sunday concluding it had failed to meet proper journalistic standards.
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"What Reid is saying is that it’s entirely immaterial whether what he said about Romney and his taxes was true. All that mattered was that Romney didn’t win."

I'm stunned. I'm ashamed to think that any leader - Democrat or Republican - would go to any lengths to win an election at any cost.

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Harry Reid says he doesn't regret spreading false charges about Mitt Romney's taxes during the 2012 presidential campaign. It matters that we're so cynical about our political system that we're willing to accept it.
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Bloomberg had only Romney's trust tax returns, not the tax returns from Romney himself. All of those reports are years old.

Did you follow Obama's birth certificate drama? People complained that the certificate was fake, so Obama produced the long form. People still complained that it wasn't enough. It will never be enough to convince the skeptics.

The same thing goes with Romney. He could produce the documents, but it would never be enough. If Senator Reid did have the evidence that Romney paid less, why didn't he produce the evidence? Without evidence, it's not fact.
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Graham Best

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All hail the Reliant Robin!
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Microsoft's plan is to take the existing Android handsets that manufacturers won't upgrade and make them run Windows 10. Microsoft needs to make it easy enough so that any user can do it, and promote it so a lot of people want to.

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The companies say it's more of a trial than any precursor to shipping products.
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It was not my intention to start a holy war, as every platform has its strength and weaknesses.

Native code is good for a single app running at a time, such as a game. Android doesn't have any app partitions, so any native app has access to all of the platform's memory. That native app can have a memory leak, either in its own code or one of the libraries it's using. That is a concern on a mobile platform, as there's only a limited amount of memory. If the handset only has 512k of memory, you can run out of memory very quickly and the platform becomes unstable. Memory leaks can be compounded by multiple native apps.

Developers can be responsible and free up the memory themselves and use a profiler to ensure that there's no memory leaks. However, a good profiler costs money, and it's easy to miss freeing up memory.

Apps that constantly reserve memory and free it require a considerable amount of processor power, and thus drain the battery. A good virtual machine, on the other hand, creates all of the memory that the app needs and frees it when it's no longer needed, therefore saving battery life. 

App managers are very popular on Android, I suspect as memory is constantly in short supply. Yes, a user can be required to free the memory of apps that they no longer need. However, this isn't particularly user friendly, and you're now trusting the app manager to free the memory the app is using and free up any memory leaks. Eventually the platform will need to be rebooted. People complained bitterly about this approach in Windows 95, and Android is no better.
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The US hasn't threatened Google with antitrust, probably as Google has been a very heavily proponent of the Obama administration.

The reality is that Android never would have gained the market share it has without Google illegally leveraging its services to pay and support Android. It's the same thing Microsoft was guilty of in the 1990s by leveraging their operating system to support Internet Explorer over Netscape.

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Europe's anti-trust investigation may widen to include other Google services.
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Question: Do Democrats see the economy as struggling, or doing great? I've seen numerous claims by Obama that he's done a great job in growing the economy, but Hillary said in her announcement that people are still struggling from the 2008 Recession. Which is it?

Is it that Obama has tried to do as much as he could, but the Republicans are blocking him? President Bill Clinton had to deal with a Republican controlled House and Senate, and he still managed to get things done. President Obama has had over seven years to get the economy fixed, and Hillary is claiming it's still not fixed yet. Obama is either incompetent, or his policies will never work.

If the economic problems are due to Obama's policies, what would Hillary do differently? Hillary was part of Obama's administration. She's also taken a lot of money from billionaires through her foundation. If the economic problems are due to Obama's incompetence, then what has Hillary done to show that she can work with Republicans better than Obama has?

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#HillaryClinton  announces that she's officially running for president in 2016 — watch:
On Sunday, Hillary Clinton officially announced that she's running for president in 2016. She broke the big news via a video called "Getting Started," saying, "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is
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I still find the phrase "why hasn't Obama fixed the economy yet" funny.

Do people really think an complex economic system can be fixed in a mere 8 years? 
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This is awesome! It actually works!

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I'm no fan of April Fools, but this one is pretty good: Microsoft today released MS-DOS Mobile, a new Windows Phone app "built from the ground up"!
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Microsoft Office as a Trojan Horse?

This news alone doesn't make much sense to Windows Phone users, who haven't received an update for the mobile version of Office since Windows Phone 7. Office was supposed to be the exclusive on Windows Phone when the platform was announced.

This move makes much more sense if you consider that Microsoft may put in a notification in Office that says:

Like Microsoft Office? Do you want even more features? Click here to convert your phone to Windows 10 now!

A lot of power users know they are using Android, but there's a lot of manufacturers that put their own interface on it - HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc. The average user may not even know or care that they're using Android underneath, so getting Windows may not be a big deal.

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Following up on Microsoft and Samsung's announcement of Office apps, along with OneDrive and Skype to be pre-installed on some Android tablets, Microsoft has also revealed that Dell and 10 more OEMs will install those apps on their own Android products later in 2015. While Dell has released PCs, laptops and tablets with Microsoft's Windows OS ever since it started, it has been...
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Graham Best

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Consider this dark version of the future. The House finds Hillary Clinton not only broke policy, but broke the law. Obama's Attorney General (whoever that will be) refuses to press charges, as they are more loyal to the Democratic Party than the Constitution. Hillary spins it that she's been unfairly prosecuted, the press doesn't question it, and the public rallies around her and elects her President.

Are we really that far gone?
Trey Gowdy Lays Down the Law: Hillary Must Turn Over Email Server or Face ‘Full Powers of the House’
BY VICTORIA TAFT - March 22, 2015 - IJReview

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who heads the Select Committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack, sent a letter this week to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy’s letter firmly requests that Clinton turn over her email server by April 3rd to a neutral third party, or he plans to litigate:

Read more including the Letter to Clinton's Lawyer and or watch the Video:
"What if Dick Cheney, not Hillary Clinton had deleted 30,000 emails from a private, at home server?"
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